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  1. Tim Cunnup says:

    I have a 18 unit one bedroom apartment complex. Must units have 2 people leaving in them. It was built around 1970. I have a very large septic tank and a pump tank that pumps to two different fields. Both fields have major break outs. I have the main tank pumped every month, approx 2000 gallons each pumping.
    Do you think your system could help my situation?
    I can be contacted directed at 9195485946
    Tim Cunnup

    • Aero-Stream says:

      We have system configurations that are designed for higher flow rates as you describe. We guarantee that we can resolve this issue.

    • Aero-Stream says:

      Yes we can solve the problem. We have commercial models for these types of applications.

  2. Neva Lasswell says:

    My husband and I live alone and have two bathrooms. The kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washing machine are hooked up to a separate septic system and we have no problem with that. However, the septic (500 gal) tank that is for the two bathrooms backs up and even though there are no solids to speak of, the liquids are not draining out into the lateral pipes off of the septic. Question 1. Will your system fix the drainage issue? 2. Would the small household size fit our needs, since there are only two people who use the bathrooms. Thank you.

    • Aero-Stream says:

      Yes, we guarantee to fix the problem. Yes the Remediator LT will work well in your application.

  3. Eric says:

    We leave close to the beach and the water table is about 4-5 feet from grade. We have an old septic system and the tank is small but recent inspections indicate that the tank is fine. The surrounding terrain is almost entirely sand.

    The toilets hardly flush. Seems to get worse when we have rain or snow. There are 3 people living in the home.

    Will your system correct this problem?
    Is there a money back guarantee if the problem is not corrected?

    • admin says:


      The bio-mat will form in sand. When you have a bio-mat related failure precipitation can make things worse. Any water that falls on the field and soaks into the ground will be within the bio-mat. As it hits the pipe system in the field it will take the path of least resistance and than can be back into the tank. once the bio-mat is eliminated with the Aero-Stream system the rain water will flow downwards through the soil like it is designed to do. Issue resolved.

      We offer a money back guarantee. It can be found at

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