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The Oxy-Flush Alternative to Septic Tank Additives

Oxy-Flush Shipping calculated during checkout $16.92 Oxy-Flush quantity Add to cart SKU: 102767 Category: Uncategorized Related products Aero-Pure™ High Output Utility Ozone Generator $848.00 Aero-Pure™ High Output Utility Ozone GeneratorAdd to cart The ONLY Maintenance Product that Enhances the Performance of Your Septic System - with the POWER of Oxygen! Use with the Aero-Stream Remediator® for [...]

Avoid Additives and Choose Aeration for Superior Septic Results

For many homeowners, purchasing a liquid drain cleaner may seem like a reasonable solution to repeated backups and septic system problems. In fact, these additives do not address the root cause of septic issues and may even worsen the problem of slow draining and backflows into household plumbing. Here are some of the primary issues […]

Septic System Additives and Chemicals Are Not the Answer

A failing septic system can be a catastrophic financial event for a homeowner. This can be particularly frustrating if the homeowner has already spent hundreds of dollars on septic tank additives for the express purpose of avoiding this very problem.

The Absolute Truth About Septic Tank Additives: They Don’t Work

Many property owners in the United States must use on-site waste water treatment systems, or septic systems, to treat organic waste water created on their property. Estimates are that somewhere between one-quarter to one-third of all waste water is treated by property owners with septic systems.

Additives and Chemicals Do Not Eliminate Problems

Disreputable companies have found a new source of revenue with people that have septic tank problems. These companies are selling customers septic tank additives that do absolutely nothing to eliminate septic tank problems but may lead to premature septic tank replacement.

There Is No Proof That Septic Tank Additives Are Effective

Your septic tank service told you that the addition of a septic tank chemical or biological additive would save you money as you would not have to have your septic tank emptied as frequently and would also aid in extending the life of your septic system. The fact is you have been lied to!

Septic Additives & Chemicals Compared to Aero-Stream

Compare Aero-Stream vs. Chemicals & Septic Additives You will find over 1200 companies offering chemicals or septic additives on the internet. All of these companies boast about the greatness of their products, however, they fail to provide proof that they perform as advertised. An independent study has been conducted indicating that the use of  "Super [...]

Chemicals and Additives Do Not Help Septic Systems

Of all the homes in the United States, 25 percent have a septic system. There is not a single scientific study that shows that the use of chemical or bacterial additives for septic systems provide any useful purpose.

Septic System Chemical Additives

Chemicals & Additives Are Not Always the Best Answer! ***** CAUTION! ***** Don't be fooled by "miracle cure" bacterial and chemical septic tank additives! You will be pouring your hard earned money down the drain! Discover that chemical and bacterial additives companies that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a never ending treatment [...]

Septic Tank Additives

Using bacterial additives will not fix septic tank problems. A look at recent caller’s story and some surprising facts show how little impact these additives have on a septic system’s performance.

Septic Tank Problems and Bacterial Additives

Everyday I hear from people across the country that are seeking a solution to their septic tank problems. Many of these customers have been duped into believing that by simply flushing a magic potion down the toilet, their problems vanish.

Stop Wasting Your Money on Septic Chemicals and Additives!

Many governments ban or limit the use of septic tank additives.For example, the Canadian Government Regulation 374/81 under part VII of the Environmental Protection Act bans their use because studies show that septic system additives are not effective at resolving septic system problems but risk harming the system when used. Specifics of Canadian Ban of [...]

Septic System FAQ

Septic system FAQs are difficult to find answers to. Below are some septic system FAQs related to our Aero-Stream septic system restoration products. Pre-Purchase Septic System FAQs How does it work? The natural waste stream contains both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Most septic systems are passive, have no oxygen in the system, and rely on the slow [...]

Septic System Workshops: An effort to clean up the Dix River Watershed

Remember that you have a Septic System Septic systems are often overlooked and forgotten about by the average owner of a private septic. It’s usually when they start to hear their pipes gurgling or notice a backup in their shower or toilet that they start to investigate only to find out their septic system is […]

Septic Tank System Maintenance With Aero-Stream

You can count on Aero-Stream® to provide innovative solutions for septic tank maintenance. CEO and President Karl Holt used his engineering background to create products that use less power and produce cleaner water. To get a better understanding of how a septic tank system works, and how the Aero-Stream® system can provide you with optimal […]

Septic Aerator – Case Studies

Controlled Septic Aeration™ is Effective - The Truth & The Proof Documented performance of a septic aerator system should be an extremely important consideration when evaluating aerobic septic system remediation designs to resolve septic tank problems. Being an engineering based company, data is important to us. These results should also be important to you. The Aero-Stream controlled septic aerator system performs [...]

Four Common Enemies of Septic Tank Systems

Most homeowners with septic tanks and drain fields understand the basics of maintenance for these waste treatment systems. Minimizing the chemicals that reach the septic tank, performing routine pumping once every few years and inspecting mechanical elements on a regular basis can generally keep newer septic tanks performing at optimal levels. However, other activities can […]

The Components of a Home Septic System

The typical septic tank system incorporates a number of mechanical and physical elements that are necessary to break down household waste effectively. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with these basic components; a working knowledge of the septic system architecture can provide valuable insight into possible issues with its proper function. Here are some of the most […]

Maintenance and Remediation with an Aerobic Septic System

Properly functioning septic systems are a naturally green-friendly way to manage household wastewater and solid waste disposal. These systems function in much the same way as the natural water cycle and use filtration and bacterial decomposition to remove harmful substances from water, allowing it to return to the environment in an organic and sanitary way. […]