Aero-Pure™ High Output Utility Ozone Generator

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Ozone was discovered in the 1800′s. It is commonly referred to as active oxygen or trioxygen. Ozone cannot be stored. Therefore, it must be manufactured on site using special ozone generator equipment. The molecular symbol is O3. Ozone is one of the most effective oxidants on the planet. Ozone is a 50% stronger oxidizer than chlorine and is 3,000 times faster. Ozone will kill 99.9% of bacteria nearly instantaneously. Unfortunately the effectiveness of ozone is not well known by the general public. The widespread application of ozone is relatively new.

The Aero-Pure™ ozone generator equipment is called a corona discharge cell. This ozone generator creates a high voltage arc within the cell. As air passes through the cell it splits the O2 molecules into two O atoms. These free O atoms attach to unsplit O2 molecules forming O3 (ozone). The third O atom has a loose bond and is therefore very unstable. When the ozone comes in contact with any organic material e.g. bacteria, algae, oil, soaps, etc., it gives up the third atom to oxidize these organic materials. After the reaction (release of the O atom), the ozone reverts back to O2.

 Ozone Frequently Asked Questions

Typical Ozone Generator Applications

  • Waste water polishing and disinfection
  • Grey water clarification and disinfection (non-potable)
  • Pond water clarification
  • Swimming pool water clarification and disinfection
  • Hot tub water clarification and disinfection
  • Cistern and holding tank water clarification and disinfection (non-potable)
  • Recover and recycle water clarification and disinfection (non-potable)
  • Organic odor elimination in air
  • Deodorize buildings, autos, RV’s, boats, buses
  • Deodorize sporting gear e.g. football, hockey, lacrosse, etc.

Details for Aero-Pure™ Ozone Generator Water Care System

aero-pure high output ozone generator


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  • Operates In All Weather Conditions
  • Easily Installs in minutes
  • Free Unlimited Technical Support
  • Costs Pennies Per Day To Electrically Operate
  • Cycle Timer
  • UL Listed Corded Outdoor Appliance
  • 120 Volt AC, 60 Watts Of Power
  • 250 mg/hr ozone output
  • One Year Equipment Warranty
  • 5′ Long Power Cord
  • 20′ Ozone Delivery Tube
  • Compact Design – 12″ x 14″ x 10″