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“It was amazing” “I’m very pleased” “I would recommend it” “It’s wonderful” “It was a great deal”

These are just some of the comments our customers have made about the Aero-Stream product! If you’re experiencing septic tank problems, join the thousands of satisfied customers that have restored their septic systems with the patented Aero-Stream solution. You’ll save thousands of dollars and you won’t have to dig up your yard!

“We’ve been here twenty-five years and I don’t know how long the septic has been here and it started acting up. For a number of years I was using a biochemical product.

“We were having our septic tank pumped every two months.”

“I was pumping as much as three times a year.”

“We were spending literally thousands of dollars a year having all of our septic tanks pumped. We have three systems, and were having all of them pumped.”

“We built this building ourselves; the county was putting together some pretty strict requirements. They wanted us to put in a full remediation style system. So it would have been cost prohibited. It saved me a lot of money! And it works. I don’t have any county issues at all. They have not felt any need to come back out.”

“We were pumping, once a week, we put that in and it was a matter of about a month or six weeks when we stopped having to pump. It was amazing, within, the first six months my level dropped in half. Within, four/five months the water level was down at least twelve to eighteen inches, possibly more. It’s maintaining now, which is great.”

“It saves you money because you don’t have to get it cleaned out all the time.”

“It saved me a lot of money. And it worked.”

“It saved me a huge amount of money, a tremendous amount of money, really over the first year. I don’t have any maintenance issues at all.”

“We live on the lake and it helps to not have it back up because then it doesn’t go down into the lake and we like to keep the lake clean, so if we can do anything to help Mother Nature out that would be great. I’m happy,”

“I’m tickled pink.”

“It’s wonderful, it’s a wonderful thing to allow us to be in this business, and we would not have been able to without it.”

“Well worth the investment, it really took the load off of my mind. It works so well I think we may end up getting a second one.”

“If you can put dishes in your dishwasher, you can probably install the Aero-Stream.”