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EPA septic tank problems - Aero-Stream News (Sept - Nov 2008)

Every month City, County and State agencies enforce, implement or propose new regulation that set minimum requirements for all new and existing home septic tank system, along with its leach field.Experts estimate one such proposed California regulation could cost California homeowners, businesses and developers between $350 million and $400 million each year.The patented, easy to install Aero-Stream solution has saved homeowners millions of dollar in septic system replacement costs.
Before you replace your septic system learn why we say “No System is EVER to
Far Gone” Septic Problems in the News

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Milwaukee, WI – Nov. 21, 2008. By Kathleen Gallagher  “We couldn’t do laundry and we flushed once a day. It was pretty much a goner”, Vance said. She did extensive research and found Aero-Stream® on the Internet. Holt’s solution seemed too good to be true, and Vance said her husband and other family members discouraged her from pursuing it. It seemed worth a try, though, and Holt offers a refund if customers aren’t satisfied at the end of a year, she said. It worked, and now the water in the septic tank is clear with no odor, Vance said.
Aero-Stream® Solution to Septic System Problems
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Hartland, WI – October 15, 2008.  In addition to increased efficiency, system maintenance and remediation, the Aero-Stream®, product also offers environmental benefits. On the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s New England Center for Environmental Industry and Technology website [archived], Aero-Stream® is recognized for having a beneficial environmental impact:”The Aero-Stream® product resolves all health and environmental issues related to failing or failed septic systems. Symptoms such as surface ponding above the field or tank are eliminated as well as sewage back-ups into the building. The Aero-Stream® system also eliminates the issue of storm water run-off during absorption component replacement by negating the need for replacement. The process reduces the BOD5 by approximately 80%, reduces TSS by approximately 30%, Fecal Coliform Bacteria by approximately 98% or more and reduces Nitrate levels by approximately 98%.”

As a company, Aero-Stream® LLC is dedicated to consumer education and a cleaner environment. We are committed to developing practical, scientifically-engineered solutions to septic problems.”

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Hartland, WI – June 17, 2008 Aero-Stream® LLC, a national leader in residential water and wastewater treatment,, will be moving to a new facility in July of this year. “We’ve been working out of leased space for several years,” explains Karl Holt, president of both firms.
“We’re thrilled to have reached this point in our growth.”Solutions to problems, improved efficiency, and cost savings are the motivating factors behind Holt’s career in engineering and his impetus to found the two companies:
Engineered Solutions, which was established in 1996, and Aero-Stream®, which was started in 2002. The new building, which will house both companies, is located in a commercial park in Merton, WI. The building will be completed in July, and a grand opening celebration is planned for late afternoon, August 25.

Aero-Stream® Moving to a New Facility
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Hartland, WI – September 3, 2008 Aero-Stream® LLC, a national leader in residential water and wastewater treatment, opened a second distribution center in Blackhawk, Colorado in August 2008. “This allows us to deliver our products in one to three days anywhere in the contiguous United States,” explains Karl Holt, president of Aero-Stream® LLC. “We will ship to Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming from our Rocky Mountain Distribution Center (RMDC).Shipments to all other states will be handled from our corporate offices in Hartland, Wisconsin. Orders received by noon are shipped the same day.”Proven & Patented Wastewater Treatment Aero-Stream® LLC manufactures a proven and patented product designed to maintain and restore residential septic systems. “Timing is often critical when people need to resolve septic tank problems,” explains Holt. “The sooner you can install the Aero-Stream® remediation system, the faster you can begin to turn things around.

The patented, easy to install Aero-Stream® solution has saved homeowners millions of dollar in septic system replacement costs. Before you replace your septic system learn why we say “No System is EVER too Far Gone”.

Aero-Stream® Remediator

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  • Remediator Kit includes everything required to implement our patented restoration process.

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