Pressure & High Water Septic System Alarm

Septic Tank Alarm

A septic tank alarm is designed to alert you that the water levels have risen to irregular levels, signaling drainage problems.

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Easily installed in 15 minutes or less, the Aero-ALERT™ alarm system is designed to fit any existing septic system or holding tank in residential or commercial applications. The patent pending design features the industries first self contained power cell. This feature alone simplifies the installation process and mitigates the need to procure a separate electrical permit. The product requires no licensed electrical contractor to perform the installation. This reduces installation costs and eliminates the liability of performing the wiring yourself. The Aero-ALERT™ can be used in virtually all systems requiring an alarm event such as ATU air flow, effluent filter maintenance, holding tank, pump chamber alarm, etc. Long life power cell needs changing only annually and will emit the visual and audible signal for up to 4 months continually. Can also be operated using the optional AC / DC power adapter.

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Aero-ALERT™ Kit, Pressure Alarm with High Water Capability Low Voltage

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