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Coir Products

Coir products have been used in wastewater applications since the early 1980’s. In the early 2000’s Aero-Stream designed and patented the coir Bio-Brush for use for the remediation of septic systems. coir products bio-brushOver the past 20 years we have successfully applied these designs in wastewater treatment systems. more recently some wastewater equipment manufactures have moved away from sphagnum peat moss and replaced it with coir. Peat moss is mined from wetlands and is a limited natural resource.

Coir Products and Their Applications

We have become the experts in the application of coir products for environmental and consumer applications. We have generations of technical expertise for the applications of coir fiber and coir pith. The applications available for coir are unlimited and include water treatment, wastewater treatment, airborne odor control, oil absorption, industrial chemical absorption, geo-textile products.

Benefits of Coir

Coir is a sustainable product. It is made from the outer husk of the coconut between the coconut meat and the hard outer shell. It is the by-product of coconut harvesting. This allows for the 100% use of the harvested coconut. Coir is a fibrous material. Coir has a density lower than water therefore it floats. The material is hygroscopic. Over time brown coir will absorb water and become slightly denser than water so it will tend to sink. Depending on the application of the end product it can be dried between uses if buoyancy is required. If sinking is required for the application do not dry out the material between uses. Coir products made from the ripe coconut is brown in color. It is used in application where long slender fibers are required. The fibers from the unripe coconut tend to be finer in diameter. The fibers made from unripe coconuts are not hygroscopic so they will float for extended periods of time.

Manufacturing of Coir

Coir products are manufactured using both manual methods and machinery. The ripe or unripe coconuts are soaked in water for several months. The soaking makes it much easier to separate the fibers in the husk. After the fibers are removed they can be mixed and treated with other materials to produce the required properties for the application.

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