EPA Announces SepticSmart Week to Increase Septic Tank Awareness

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced that the week epa_septic_smartof September 22 through September 26, will be named SepticSmart Week. During this week, the EPA will promote proper maintenance techniques for home and business septic tanks and drain fields. The agency will also offer valuable hints for managing these private wastewater treatment systems more effectively and preventing costly failures that can necessitate full replacements in some cases.

Innovative Approaches by Public Health Departments

The EPA’s SepticSmart Week website praises public agencies that take a collaborative approach to septic system maintenance rather than simply performing inspections and assessing fines. The Benton County Health Department was singled out for praise on the EPA site for its efforts in obtaining a community development block grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The funds received from this grant were used to help homeowners manage the costs of septic system repair and restoration. By going the extra mile for residents of Benton County, the health department was able to improve environmental safety within its jurisdiction and to provide a better quality of life for homeowners struggling with the high cost of repairs.

Guidance for Proper Septic Tank Maintenance at Home

The SepticSmart website also provides a number of useful tips for avoiding trouble with home septic systems:

  •  Avoid overloading the tank and drain field by installing water conserving fixtures and low-flow toilets throughout your home
  • Arranging for septic system inspections every three to five years can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs for many home septic systems
  •  Refrain from dumping harsh chemicals into drains; these compounds can have a damaging effect on the bacterial colonies located within the septic tank and can reduce the efficiency of the decomposition process
  •  Disposing of non-biodegradable items in the trash can rather than in the toilet or garbage disposal can ensure a healthier and more efficient septic system
  •  Trees, shrubs and bushes should be planted at a safe distance from all septic pipes, drain fields and tanks to avoid damage to these elements of the home septic system

These practices can help homeowners enhance the longevity of their septic systems and reduce the likelihood of serious septic tank problems. Installing a Controlled Septic Aeration™ system can also help extend the useful life of the home septic tank and drain field. A Controlled Septic Aerator™ can boost efficiency and increase the speed of decomposition within the septic tank. This can significantly reduce the chances of overflows and can provide worry-free performance for homeowners. Controlled Septic Aerator™ systems exclusively offered by Aero-Stream are an ideal way to improve efficiency and increase the longevity of these vital household systems.

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