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The septic system “experts” were wrong …

I can hardly wait until the septic tank pumping company calls wondering when I want to schedule my drain field replacement. That’s definitely not going to happen.

– Rick

The Septic Contractor who installed the drain field and others who came out to look at it all said it appears to have failed due to hydro overload and would have to be replaced again. The lowest price I was given was $4,000 … So far I am happy with the results and would recommend purchasing this system instead of paying for a new drainfield …

– Michael

The system has eliminated our septic issues. Others claimed that we needed to dig a new field, which was impossible in our situation. We are pleased to say that the system works as touted.

– Drew

For 5 years we have had difficulty with our drain field and always the response from our local septic tank companies was to replace the drain field. I had even gone as far as checking on connecting to the city sewer system. Lots and lots of money. It has been eight weeks now since the installation of our ProLine Kit, and my wife and I could not be happier. Everything in the white papers we have found to be true and the staff at Aero Stream is always available and ready to help or answer questions. When I called I requested only one thing after I purchased, that my wife be able to take a bubble bath. There were no guarantees made by the Aero Stream staff, but they were quite confident they could get her there. She took her first bubble bath in five years last week. I am a satisfied customer and continue to tell locals in Central Florida my experience.

– Jeff

Our septic system is nearly 20 years old and during Christmas 2008, we realized our septic system was in failure. The septic tank was overflowing at the riser and there was surface water in the yard. We called some local septic guys and learned we had been doing everything wrong. Our family used too much water: We took long showers, had laundry “days” where we would do multiple loads of wash in a day, and unbeknownst to us, we had a malfunctioning iron filter that was dumping 5 gallons of water per hour into the septic system for an undetermined length of time. As if that was not enough, a farm tile had broken in our yard. It was putting large amounts of water into the fingers of our septic field anytime the ground was saturated. The “experts” said the fingers were clogged, the system was ruined and we’d need to dig a new septic field at a cost of $25-35K. Furthermore, they were going place the finger system in our front pasture, thereby rendering the field off-limits for our hooved animals … So in February of 2009, my husband and I installed the Aero-Stream. Within a month or so, the water levels in the septic tank began falling. It was still occasionally overflowing but the amount and frequency became less and less. By summer, we were having no issues at all with our septic system. The water level in the septic tank has been consistently perfect. By the way, we finally fixed the broken farm tile in the yard this summer. In the process, we exposed one of the fingers with the ditch witch. In fact, we thought we had nicked the pipe but it turns out we just got too close. But do you know what came out? A bit of sludge but then clear water! So if you are having trouble with your septic due to overwhelming it with water, we suggest that you run (don’t walk) to get this product …

– Bobbi & Mike

I’m very satisfied with the product & service. It is doing exactly as they said. I recommend that someone with septic issues investigate this product before assuming the repairman knows what is best.

– Jay