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What Do I Do When My Septic System Backs Up?

Septic System Backup The first thing to remember is not to panic! This happens to over 10,000 homeowners each year. With the proper troubleshooting techniques, you can determine the cause of the backup and then take action to resolve the issue. The septic system technicians at Aero-Stream® can help you diagnose the problem and recommend…

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I Am Told My Septic System Has Failed, Now What?

Septic System Introduction We all know that septic systems are essential to our everyday life. They provide us with a means of disposing of our waste and getting rid of it in an environmentally friendly way. However, when things go wrong with your septic system it can be a disaster, especially if you do not…

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The Benefit Of Aerobic Treatment Of Wastewater

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Aerobic wastewater treatment uses oxygen to break down organic contaminants and other pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus. A mechanical aeration device continuously adds oxygen (air) to the wastewater or sewage, such as an air blower or compressor. Aerobic bacteria then devour the organic material in the wastewater, converting it to carbon dioxide…

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How to Fix a Septic System

The septic system is an essential part of every home. It helps to keep your family safe from harmful bacteria and other dangerous chemicals in the water that comes from your toilet, sinks, and tubs. If you notice that the water coming out of these fixtures does not smell right or looks strange, it is…

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Aerobic Septic Restoration

Introduction We at Aero-stream are proud to offer our customers the most effective treatment systems on the market. Our retrofit Aerobic Septic Systems are designed for long-lasting use and will restore your septic system to new condition. The aerobic bacteria in our system work together to break down organic material and turn it into harmless…

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Keep Higgins Lake Pristine!

Keeping Higgins Lake Pristine is everyone’s goal. It is a 9,600-acre lake located in north central Michigan. The watershed covers approximately 19,000 acres. Over the past decade, many studies have been completed to address the potential for water quality deterioration. The potential causes of reduced water quality are surface water run-off and poor functioning septic…

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