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Growing Families Present Added Challenges for Home Septic Systems

Growing families and added responsibilities can present new challenges for many homeowners. One area that may be overlooked among these challenges is the home septic system. As tanks and drain fields age, they can become less efficient and more prone to failure. More people can put more stress on this vital home system and may…

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Garbage Disposals and Septic System Efficiency

Garbage disposals can put an added strain on home septic tank systems by adding significantly to the organic material that these small-scale waste treatment plants must process. Most plumbing and septic system experts recommend against installing a garbage disposal in conjunction with a tank and leach field system because the added organic material in the…

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Four Common Enemies of Septic Tank Systems

Most homeowners with septic tanks and drain fields understand the basics of maintenance for these waste treatment systems. Minimizing the chemicals that reach the septic tank, performing routine pumping once every few years and inspecting mechanical elements on a regular basis can generally keep newer septic tanks performing at optimal levels. However, other activities can…

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Relief for Some Facing Septic Replacement, Others Continue to Pay

The average cost of replacing a septic tank in the U.S. is just under $5,000. Drain field replacements can range anywhere from $5,000 at the low end to well over $20,000 for complex or difficult installations. For most homeowners, these expenses can be financially devastating and may simply be out of reach for those on…

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Avoid Financially Crippling Penalties with Septic Aeration Remediation

Most homeowners already know that the cost of replacing a septic system can amount to thousands of dollars even before inspections and fees are included in the total. However, one Oregon couple is facing equally steep fines for failing to maintain their home septic system properly and allowing it to overflow onto their Cottage Grove…

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Putting Aerobic Bacteria to Work for Home Septic Systems

Homeowners with sluggish or aging septic tank systems may take some cues from remediation efforts currently taking place in Greenwood Lake in New York. The growth of weeds in the lake prompted the Greenwood Lake commission to hire harvesters to cut back the excess vegetation. The submerged weeds, however, were not collected and were left…

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