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Drain Field Failures Haunt Homeowners in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Residents in Gloucester County, New Jersey, are discovering firsthand the high cost of septic system failure. Numerous homes built between 2000 and the present were constructed with chamber-type septic drain fields as an alternative to traditional pipe and gravel drain field systems. Although these chamber systems were approved by both the state of New Jersey…

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Outhouse Woes Serve as Warning for Homeowners Across U.S.

One Pennsylvania man is finding out the hard way that environmental regulations can create major expenses for homeowners. Wilson Huyett, a 77-year-old resident of rural Salisbury Township, has maintained an outhouse for personal waste management on his 140-acre farm for many years; the farm itself dates back at least two centuries and is located in…

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Three Strategies for Healthier and Greener Septic Systems

As environmental issues continue to take center stage in many public discussions, the issue of failing or underperforming septic systems is attracting considerable attention as well. Many state and local agencies are considering new regulatory requirements for annual inspections of these wastewater treatment solutions. Homeowners with septic tank systems that fail to pass these inspections…

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Added Septic System Regulations Create Headaches for Homeowners

Increasingly intrusive regulations regarding the maintenance of septic systems have become a regular fixture in many areas of the U.S. These regulations are often accompanied by added charges to the homeowners for inspections, permits and operational upgrades. In some cases, full replacements or alternative methods of waste disposal may be required by local health departments…

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Tips for Buying a New Home: Septic Systems

Purchasing a home is one of the most important investments for most consumers. Investing in a property that includes a septic tank system can be intimidating for some home buyers; however, these waste management systems can be valuable and green-friendly assets for many homeowners. Here are some tips for evaluating the septic system before purchasing…

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