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Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria: How They Work in the Septic System Environment

Installing a septic aeration system can increase the longevity of your current septic tank and drainfield by increasing the efficiency of the decomposition agents inside the system. In the typical septic tank environment, lack of oxygen causes the proliferation and dominance of anaerobic bacteria. These microorganisms digest nutrients found in organic materials, converting nitrogen into…

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Increased Regulations Can Add Up to Major Expenses for Septic System Owners

State, county and local health and environment authorities have been taking a harder line on failing septic systems in recent years. Concerns about the environmental impact of these household wastewater management systems have led to added oversight and increased regulation for septic systems in many areas: Rules proposed by the Ohio Department of Health would…

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Three Mechanical Issues that Can Doom a Septic System

Mechanical issues can seriously affect the function of a household septic system. Broken pipes, malfunctioning equipment and blockages can create backups and reduce the performance of every element of the system. Understanding how your home septic system works can help you to address common issues before they result in reduced functionality and failure of your…

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Avoid Additives and Choose Aeration for Superior Septic Results

For many homeowners, purchasing a liquid drain cleaner may seem like a reasonable solution to repeated backups and septic system problems. In fact, these additives do not address the root cause of septic issues and may even worsen the problem of slow draining and backflows into household plumbing. Here are some of the primary issues…

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Four Tips for Saving Your Septic System’s Life

When properly maintained, a household septic system can last almost indefinitely. This varies depending upon the original construction method. For instance, steel septic tanks may begin to rust almost immediately and may require remediation or replacement within the first 20 years. Concrete tanks, however, can often exceed 50 years of reliable service and are the…

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Three Commonly Misdiagnosed Septic System Problems

Some of the most serious signs that a septic tank system may be in the early stages of failure may go unnoticed by many homeowners. For instance, standing water near the drainfield or around the tank may be overlooked or misidentified as runoff or the result of recent rainfall; backups and slow draining can sometimes…

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