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Five Ways to Avoid the Cost of Septic System Replacement

Reducing unnecessary strain on your septic system can provide you with added years of service from your existing installation and prevent serious septic tank problems that may damage your landscaping or cost you thousands of dollars in remediation treatments. Here are five relatively low-cost ways you can significantly improve the performance of your septic tank and…

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Improving the Function of Septic Tank Systems

The typical home septic system consists of a number of components. Failure of any of these elements can result in loss of function and may lead to the breakdown of the entire system. The primary physical components of the septic system include the following: The pipes leading from the home to the septic tank The…

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Three Keys to Septic System Longevity

Septic system failure may be caused by a number of different factors. In some cases, the septic tank may be too small to manage the demands of a growing household. Inefficient decomposition activity can also be the culprit in some cases of septic failure; the beneficial bacteria in the tank may be overwhelmed by the…

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Avoid the Cost of Replacement with Septic Aeration Systems

Typically found in areas of the country without access to municipally provided wastewater treatment plants and facilities, septic systems are an important element in the management of waste in these areas. Properly maintained and managed, these household waste management systems are designed to comply with local, state and federal specifications and must meet strict environmental…

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The Myths of Septic Tank Problems

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are experiencing serious and potentially expensive septic tank problems. As you research potential solutions you will find outrageous claims from people and companies that try to convince you that they have the solution to your septic tank problem. You may turn to forums and chat…

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Avoiding the High Costs of Septic System Replacement

Septic system failure can create a number of unexpected costs for homeowners. Even for simple drain and pump procedures, the ongoing costs of repeated maintenance can be prohibitive. Full replacements of septic systems can be even more costly and can lead to increased costs due to governmental regulations regarding these replacements. County health departments and…

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