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Five Green-Friendly Improvements for Better Living

Creating a green-friendly living environment can provide major cost savings and quality of life benefits for homeowners. In many cases, a few small changes and improvements can make a big difference in utility costs and environmental impact inside the home and in the surrounding area. Here are five simple ways to reduce the carbon footprint…

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Your Septic Tank Problem is Serious Business!

Every day we receive calls from desperate homeowners with serious septic tank problems. Unfortunately there is a great deal of misinformation available on the internet causing serious confusion. There are also several products available that can cause serious property damage, significant personal injury, or death. As the industry leader in septic tank aeration we have…

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Proactive Management of Septic System Issues

Understanding the structure and components that make up a septic system can provide valuable insights into the reasons these systems develop problems and require repairs or replacement. Septic tanks typically serve as holding and decomposition chambers for wastewater purification and the breakdown of solid waste. As a result, they can occasionally become overloaded with water…

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Five Ways to Protect the Water Supply for a Cleaner Environment

Clean, pure water is a necessity for almost every form of life on this planet. However, continuing erosion and contamination of ground water can threaten natural ecosystems and may cause lasting damage to water tables, affecting the amount of available water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning in some areas. If you are part of the…

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Expert Septic System Technical Support

I received a call the other day from a frustrated customer of another company. The knock-off (and patent infringing) product was not performing anything like the company told him it would. In fact, it could not perform the fundamental task of increasing the dissolved oxygen in the septic tank! He called the company and they…

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Does a Water Softener Ruin Your Septic System?

There appears to be a lot of information and miss-information on the internet and in the minds of the septic system industry. The old question, does discharging the water from your water softener have an effect on your septic system. The answer is No and yes There has been many studies performed by different industries…

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