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Septic Tank Regulation Insanity

Every day I speak with septic system owners across North America that are dealing with a failing septic system. The theme tends to be the same with each call. The regulators are forcing them to replace their septic system with very expensive designs. While these systems do a great job of cleaning the water when…

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Resolve Septic Troubles Fast With a Septic Aerator

Septic systems are typically more environmentally friendly than comparable sewer systems because they return water to the local ecosystem to support plant and animal life in the area. Sewer systems, by contrast, usually return the treated water to a river or large body of water, allowing it to end up many miles from its original…

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The Importance of Septic Tank Risers

Installing septic tank risers are a highly recommended addition to your septic system. The septic tank risers will make maintaining and monitoring your septic system much easier and more convenient. Most states in the US require that a septic tank riser be installed on any new system [...]

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Take Action NOW … Selling Your Home and Your Septic System

You have decided to sell your home and you are doing all of the preparation. You trim the bushes, repair the fence, paint the outside and inside, repair the faucets and maybe even update the flooring. But what about the most important item, have you done anything with the septic system? About 25% of the…

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Maintenance and Remediation with an Aerobic Septic System

Properly functioning septic systems are a naturally green-friendly way to manage household wastewater and solid waste disposal. These systems function in much the same way as the natural water cycle and use filtration and bacterial decomposition to remove harmful substances from water, allowing it to return to the environment in an organic and sanitary way.…

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Fix Septic System Problems Permanently With Aerobic Bacteria

Septic system failure is a serious problem that can affect the value and comfort of the family home. Replacement of the septic tank and leach field is a significant expense that averages about $15,000 with a range of $5,000 and $40,000, so considering alternatives to this major construction project can potentially save homeowners thousands of…

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