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Promoting Better Septic System Health with a Septic Aerator

Statistics shows that approximately one-fourth of all U.S. homes depend on septic systems to manage their household wastewater. When properly maintained, these systems can be an environmentally responsible method for disposing of sewage. Septic systems allow the natural decomposition of wastes and provide an underground environment where water can be cleansed and purified using the…

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Septic System Owners in Florida Forced to Pay

Recently, the state of Florida passed legislation SB550 requiring owners of septic systems to pay for an inspection of their septic systems. If the 2.7 million Florida homeowners with septic systems are not prepared when SB550 becomes effective, they may be liable for quite a bit of money if their septic system does not pass the inspection.

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How to Monitor the Health of Septic Systems

In the last blog, a case was made for owners of septic systems to become involved with monitoring the health of their system. One of the ways this can be done is to monitor the sludge and scum layer thicknesses in the septic tank. There are a couple of tools owners of septic systems can use to perform this task.

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Getting Septic Tank Owners Involved

We have been telling septic tank owners for months on this blog that one of the most important preventative maintenance tasks they can perform is to have their septic tank pumped at the appropriate time. So, get involved and monitor the depths of the scum and sludge layer. The knowledge you will gain will help you make better decisions down the road.

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Septic Tank Inspections and Safety

In general, septic tank systems are efficient, economical and safe when properly utilized and maintained. For most homeowners, periodic inspections and pumping of the septic tank is all that is required to keep the system safely operating at peak performance.

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