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Septic Systems and Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects, especially in older homes, can generate a lot of liquid waste – some of it hazardous to human health. In most homes, lead paint chips, certain chemicals, latex paint and other substances can be washed or flushed into the sewer system where advanced waste treatment systems process it and remove the harmful substances. However, what do homeowners with septic systems do with liquid waste?

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Septic System Health, Part 2

When you have a septic system, you rely on it to process the wastewater from your house and return it to the water table. Most of the work is done by the septic tank that is located underground in your yard. Inside that septic tank, there are a number of naturally occurring bacteria that will…

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Hair: Why It Can Cause Septic Malfunction

Almost everyone has had to deal with hair clogging sinks, drains and septic system or sewer pipes at sometime in their life. It can be messy affair, take time and, in general, be a disgusting event to resolve. Why does hair cause so many septic tank problems when it goes down a drain?

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Septic System Maintenance Hacks

Wow! You’re leaving your small apartment for a home in the suburbs. You are a new member of the community of 1/4 of all American homeowners who privately treat their wastewater. In other words, you not only own a home, you also own a septic tank and a septic system.

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