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Are You Really Fixing Septic Tank Problems?

Septic tanks are a necessity in rural areas where sewers are not widely available. However, as many home owners know, septic tank back ups and failures can be expensive messes to clean up. As a result, the septic tank additives industry does good business with septic tank owners seeking a cheaper way to keep their underground septic systems working properly.

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Septic Tank Maintenance Chicanery

Around one quarter of all homes in the United States are not connected to a sanitary sewer system. These homeowners have to maintain their own on-site sewage processing system, which includes their septic tank.

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Additives and Chemicals Do Not Eliminate Problems

Disreputable companies have found a new source of revenue with people that have septic tank problems. These companies are selling customers septic tank additives that do absolutely nothing to eliminate septic tank problems but may lead to premature septic tank replacement.

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The Wastewater Treatment Process

The key to understanding septic tank problems requires an understanding of the wastewater treatment process. Once the facts of the process are known, evaluating potential solutions becomes easier.

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There Is No Proof That Septic Tank Additives Are Effective

Your septic tank service told you that the addition of a septic tank chemical or biological additive would save you money as you would not have to have your septic tank emptied as frequently and would also aid in extending the life of your septic system. The fact is you have been lied to!

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