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Failing Septic Tanks and Septic Systems

In April of 2011, there was a news story posted on the Johnson County Sun News website about aging septic tanks and septic systems in a suburb of Kansas City that are failing. The solution being recommended by the local regulators is to have the home owners link up to the municipal wastewater treatment system – an expensive option.

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Choosing the Right Material for Your Tank

You can avoid septic tank problems by ensuring your tank is made from the right material. The majority of septic tanks are constructed out of concrete, fiberglass, polyethylene or coated steel. Typically, septic tanks with a capacity smaller than 6,000 gallons are pre-manufactured. Larger septic tanks are constructed in place or assembled on-site from pre-manufactured sections.

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Getting the Tank Size Right

One sure way to avoid septic tank problems is to make sure the septic tank is the right size for the system. In general, the tank is sized based on both expected and maximum usage and how to achieve an appropriate wastewater retention time.

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Regulations and Septic Systems

It is not surprising to discover that regulations governing septic systems exist almost everywhere in North America. What is surprising is to find out to what degree the level of regulation varies depending on location.

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