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Septic Tank Pumping

How frequently should your septic tank be pumped? If you pump your tank too often you are wasting your money AND stressing your system. Pumping not frequently enough will lead to premature failure of your drainfield.

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Septic Systems and Aeration

Fortunately, the septic system, when combined with septic aeration, is an alternative that will keep their existing septic system operating more effectively than ever for years into the future.

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Aerating Septic Systems: Fighting The Status Quo

Why is most of the septic system industry so reluctant to understand and embrace septic system aeration? It is a proven solution that economically extends the life of existing systems and actually allows them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Septic Aeration

There are many septic "experts" in the industry that are completely unaware of septic aeration. They will tell homeowners with severe septic system problems that their only option is to replace their septic system.

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Septic System

According to the American Housing Survey for the United States (2007) and the US Census Bureau, there are over 26 million residential septic systems in use in the United States. For many years, the only option a homeowner had to fix a failed system was to replace the entire system, a costly option!

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