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Common Septic Tank Problems

Over the last several years, we have talked to thousands of people experiencing problems with their septic tank and septic system. Here are the most common septic tank problems people calling in describe to us.

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Septic System Types, What Are They?

There are a few septic system types that dominate the U.S. and Canadian housing and commercial markets. Most contain a septic tank and some type of absorption component. The most common types we have encountered are reviewed below.

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Septic Tank Drainfield Problems

Incoming water into a septic system's drainfield has to be absorbed back into the ground. This has to happen for this system to function as it is the only way the system creates capacity for more incoming sewage. If the drainfield’s ability to pass water to the ground is impaired, the problems occur.

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Septic Solutions

Every septic system homeowner dreads the implications of this phrase: septic tank problems and solutions. It conjures up images of debt, torn up yards and weeks of inconvenience that may involve doing laundry at a laundry mat and limiting water use to avoid septic system backups.

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How Does a Septic System Work?

So you have just discovered that your septic system is failing. More pumping or system replacement, however, are not your only options. You need to start asking questions and researching the alternative solution to septic system replacement.

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