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What Can I Do To Fix My Septic System Problem?

"Our septic system is leaking out onto the road below." Pumping the septic tank will only provide temporary relief until the tank fills again. Installing a new septic system is very costly and is only a temporary solution; the new system is prone for a repeat failure.

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The Cost of Installing and Owning a Septic System

Have you ever considered how much you have invested in your septic system? Have you ever considered that your septic system has a finite life (without the implementation of an Aero-Stream® septic restoration product, of course)? These are questions most people never consider. If you do some thinking and calculating, however, you would be surprised…

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How the Biomat Affects Drainfields

To best understand how a biomat affects your drainfield, it is helpful to use a liner for a swimming pool as an analogy. Liners for swimming pools are typically made of vinyl and form an impermeable barrier along the bottom and sides of the swimming pool; water is prevented from absorbing into the ground on…

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