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Aero-Stream Featured in Green Builder Magazine

Aero-Stream was recently featured in an article about wastewater treatment published by Green Builder magazine. The article discusses the issues with our country’s wastewater infrastructure and describes the ways Aero-Stream’s septic aerator can help. The EPA believes $298 billion will be needed over the next 20 years to replace and/or improve centralized sewer systems. However,…

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Landscaping Tips to Disguise your Septic System

An aerobic septic system has many advantages. However, having one can present a homeowner with challenging landscaping decisions to make. The candy cane shaped vent pipes sticking up above the grass make wonderful Christmas lawn ornaments in December with a little red ribbon, but leaves the eyesores unadorned for 11 months. With a little imagination…

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Caring for Your Wastewater Management System in the Summer

With summer fun in full swing, it may be easy to forget about the septic system. Relaxing by the pool, vacations, barbecues and parties take precedence. However, if you enjoy entertaining with backyard barbecues, graduation parties and frequent family and guest visits, then take a moment early in the season to plan ahead and keep…

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5 Ways to Lessen the Waste Burden on Your Home’s Eco System

A well-designed and maintained septic system provides effective treatment of household wastewater. Correctly maintaining the system reduces the chance of failure and decreases the risks of potential health hazards and significant expenses involved in replacing a failed system. A septic system combines biological and physical treatment to incoming wastewater, making it suitable to enter the…

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3 Tips for Keeping Energy Costs Low During the Summer

During the winter months and colder weather, you know that energy efficient heating elements and wood burning fireplaces help reduce the monthly bills. You can employ similar strategies during the heat of the summer months to decrease your energy usage as well. You can use these ideas especially in the more moderate heat of summer,…

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