Septic System Remediation Company Has Record of Satisfaction with the Better Business Bureau

Hartland, WI – January 27, 2005 -Aero-Stream® LLC, a national leader in residential water and wastewater treatment,, was accredited by the Wisconsin chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on January 24, 2005. This means that Aero-Stream® LLC has met all of the accreditation bbb logo1 - AERO-STREAM® BECOMES MEMBER OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU standards of the Better Business Bureau and supports the Better Business Bureau’s services to the public. “The Better Business Bureau accreditation provides consumers with additional assurance that Aero-Stream® is a reliable and trustworthy company,” explains Karl Holt, president of Aero-Stream® LLC. “Potential customers can go to, check out our record of satisfaction and review an up-to-date reliability report regarding our company.”Proven & Guaranteed Wastewater Treatment”Aero-Stream® LLC was incorporated in September 2002 to manufacture and sell a product designed and proven to maintain and restore residential septic systems. “The Better Business Bureau accreditation will add to consumers’ confidence in Aero-Stream® products and services.”

The Aero-Stream® remediation process has been installed in virtually every system configuration and soil type combination and all organic or synthetic distribution component designs and materials – from gravel and pipe fields, chambers, drywells and seepage pits, to mounds, sand filters, cesspools, and lagoons. It has over a 95% success rate and offers a easy money-back guarantee.

According to the EPA, there are over 20 million septic systems across America and up to 20% fail annually. Nationally, this costs homeowners over $130 billion to replace these failed systems. “The Private On-sight Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS) is perhaps the least understood and maintained system on an individual’s property,” says Holt. “At Aero-Stream® LLC, one of our goals is to educate homeowners about their systems and emphasize the importance of proper maintenance, as well as provide a cost-saving alternative for systems beginning to show signs of trouble. We are dedicated to consumer education and a cleaner environment.”

Designed for easy installation, the product is listed by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) as a corded appliance operating on a common grounded 120 volt outlet and meets stringent National Electric Code (NEC) requirements as a permanent outdoor appliance.