Aero-Stream® Earns Handyman Club Seal

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Septic System Remediation Product Passes DIY Tests

Hartland, WI – January 25, 2006 -Aero-Stream® LLC, a national leader in residential water and wastewater treatment,, has received the Handyman Club of America Seal of Approval and will be featured in the May/June issue of the magazine.

According to the results of the independent unbiased testing program, “The Aero-Stream® septic remediation system creates an environment that promotes the natural cleansing of your septic system to restore functioning and prevent future septic problems – without the addition of chemicals. The product requires no scheduled maintenance and operates on a low-amperage draw (equivalent to a 100-watt light bulb). It is easy to install and works on all system types, including leach fields, dry wells, mound systems and sand filters.”

The testing was administered by The Handyman Club of America® with no intervention or participation by Aero-Stream®, LLC with the exception of providing the products to be tested.

“The Handyman Club of America provides a great forum for the Do-It-Yourself community,” explains Karl Holt, president of Aero-Stream® LLC. “They offer members tips and techniques and provide independent testing of tools and products. We are proud that Aero-Stream® has earned the Handyman Club of America Seal of Approval.

Homeowners can purchase our product secure in the knowledge that it has been independently tested, is easy to install and has a track record of success.”

The following quotes were provided by three of the individuals who tested the Aero-Stream® product for the Handyman Club of America:

DONALD SNYDER, EFFORT, PA: “The Aero-Stream® system was easy to install. The level of my system now stays constant even during heavy rain period. I can say that the Aero-Stream® septic maintenance system would seem to have rectified my septic problems. I can honestly recommend this system. If you are having a problem with your septic system give this product a try. It comes with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.”

MELVIN FAHNESTOCK, ATHENS, PA: “The Aero-Stream® has greatly helped the purification process, resulting in a noticeable improvement to my septic system.” Best Feature(s): “Quality Construction.” Suggested improvement (s): “Cannot really think of any and I am an engineer by training.”

GARY BOUNDS, CROCKETT, TX: “I recommend the septic system cleaner – maintenance system” Best feature (s): “Ease of Installation” What differences did you notice after installing the system? “No field line seepage or odor from tank.”

Proven & Guaranteed Wastewater Treatment

Aero-Stream® LLC manufactures and sells products designed and proven to maintain and restore residential septic systems. “In addition to our money-back guarantee, the approval we received from the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, and our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, the Handyman Seal of Approval assures consumers’ that our products work reliably and effectively,” says Holt.

Designed for easy installation, the Aero-Stream® remediation product is listed by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) as a corded appliance operating on a common grounded 115 volt outlet and meets stringent National Electric Code (NEC) requirements as a permanent outdoor appliance.