Failed Septic System Resolved With Septic Tank Maintenance

  • In the past, a property owner had limited options to resolve a failing or failed septic system caused by a clogged drain field.
  • The most common solution for a failed septic system involved replacing the clogged drainfield and septic tank.
  • Replacement septic systems generally cost from $7,000 to $40,000 or more, depending on the type of system being replaced and whether or not the cost is financed.

The New Solution For a Failed Septic System

Aero-Stream® has designed and developed a retrofit aerobic system for onsite septic systems. The Aero-Streams® Remediation System restores and extends the life of failing or failed septic systems by creating an environment that promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria. You save thousands of dollars and avoid all the hassles and problems that come with replacing your current system because the Aero-Stream® equipment is installed without excavation.

Septic System Remediator11 - Failed Septic System Resolved With Septic Tank Maintenance

no excavation 300x200 - Failed Septic System Resolved With Septic Tank Maintenance The aerobic treatment of septic sewage has been in use for more than 100 years. Nearly every municipal wastewater treatment plant utilizes aerobic treatment as one of their primary treatment processes. This process is robust, fast and efficient at cleaning the wastewater.

Aero-Stream® applies this same technology to your existing septic system to resolve a failed septic system. By changing the environment in the system from anaerobic to aerobic, 90% of the organic material are consumed by the aerobic bacteria in your septic tank. As a result, less organic material leaves the tank as food for the biomat in the drain field.

In addition, aerobic bacteria and oxygen rich water also flows into the drain field which creates an environment for the aerobic bacteria to comsume the biomat. With the biomat being consumed and dying off, the drainfield becomes permeable again and system function returns to original levels.

If your septic system is failing or is a few years old, this is an easy decision to make. The Aero-Stream solution is guaranteed and has successfully restored thousands of failing and/or failed septic systems across North America. Put septic system troubles behind you and call us today.

The Septic System Owners Manual

Nobody plans for the expense of having septic tank problems. Whether your septic system is new or failing, this manual is a must read for any homeowner.

Understand the causes and discover the solutions to your failed septic system and septic tank problems.