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“Find Out The Truth About The Real Cost of Septic System Replacement”

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“Talk to a Septic Expert and Discover How Aero-Stream® Can Save You Thousands of Dollars!”

    • Discover a simple & inexpensive solution that’s GUARANTEED to quickly fix and restore your failing septic system, giving you total peace of mind and saving you thousands of dollars.
    • Discover the TRUTH about septic system problems and #1 reason why they fail.
    • Gain a better understanding about your septic tank system than most septic installers and plumbers.
    • Learn the 4 septic solution methods recommended most and why they’re totally ineffective.
Aero-Stream in Winter
Consider These Facts System Replacement Aero-Stream®
System Cost $8-$40,000+ less than $1700
Life expectancy (details) 5 to 20 years will extend life of current system
Easy Money Back Guarantee Septic Tank
Eliminates septic system odor Septic Tank
Cleaner effluent (details) Septic Tank
Easy Installation Process Septic Tank
Requires excavation Septic Tank
Requires landscaping
No chemicals Septic Tank
Eliminates frequent pumping Septic Tank

Who is the Real Septic Tank System Expert?

Everyday we receive calls from homeowners with the diagnosis from a local contractor of a “FAILED SEPTIC SYSTEM”. While their diagnosis may be correct, their remedy probably is not. The most common solution is to dig up the entire system and replace the leaching component also known as the drain field, seepage pit, drywell, mound or cesspool.

The reality is that most contractors may be exposed to a handful of failed systems a month or even the whole entire year. We deal with more failures everyday across a broad spectrum of system designs and soil conditions all over North America. There is no question that most contractors are experts at following code requirements for system design and installation.

Many times a contractor will tell a homeowner that “the system is full of roots”. The truth of the “root” failure is that the roots of a tree only grow out to the canopy of the tree. So if the tree canopy does not engulf the septic system, roots can be ruled out as a failure. Only about 1/2 of 1% of people that we speak with actually have a root related failure. Another common explanation of failure is that “the pipes are crushed or broken”. This usually only occurs when there is a know event of driving heavy equipment over the system when it is saturated. If there is no event to cause a break or crush then that failure mode can be eliminated. Another common statement is “the pipes are clogged with sludge”. This can happen; however; most systems can be cleared of debris in the lateral pipes with a pressure jetting system or even a mechanical auger snake without replacing the system.

Before you let them dig up your lawn and landscaping CALL US at (877) 254-7093 to get an objective analysis of your system. If we can’t help you we will tell you so. You have nothing to lose except your septic system problems!