Terralift a clogged drainfield provides instant, but only TEMPORARY relief from septic system failure!

Terralift and adding an Aero-Stream® Remediation System provides immediate relief and PERMANAENT SOLUTION for septic system failure!

  • In the short term, Terralift fracturing the biomat in the drainfield only temporarily restores drainfield permeability.
  • Unfortunately, the biomat will grow back and fill in the Terralift fractures, causing the system to, once again, fail.
  • Aero-Stream® not only preserves the fractures but ELIMINATES the remaining biomat, completely restoring any type of failed drainfield to original condition.
  • Contact us to learn more. You will make the best decision armed with the knowledge our technical support team provides.
Consider These Facts Terralift Aero-Stream®
System Cost $3k-$8k $1995 or less
Life expectancy (details) 6 to 24 Months 20+ Years
Easy Money Back
Eliminates septic system odor …………Terralift
Cleaner effluent (details) …………Terralift
Easy Installation Process …………
Requires excavation ……….rd-rgt
Requires landscaping ……….rd-rgt
No chemicals …………
Eliminates frequent pumping …………Terralift

The Best Advice and Solution – The Aero-Stream solution shows substantial progress during the first 2 – 6 weeks after installation. During this period a soggy or ponding drain filed will begin to dry up or be completely dried up. Tank levels will begin to lower to the normal level. For the vast majority of our customers we are able to recover the drainfield fast enough. In rare conditions the homeowner needs immediate results. For these customers we recommend having the Terralift process done on the drain field. This process typically provides immediate results for a period of time. We recommend installing the Aero-Stream equipment at the time of the Terralift process to totally eliminate the clogging biomat for a long term solution. Many of or Resellers have added the Aero-Stream process to their Terralift process and reduced their call-back frequency significantly. Call us to discuss the appropriate action for your system.


Actual photos of a failed drainfield restored with an Aero-Stream® product alone.

Buy an Aero-Stream Remediation system to ensure your Terralift process is effective long term. Terralift alternative