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About The Company - Septic System Problem Solvers

Aero-Stream® discovered and patented a revolutionary process designed to both restore and maintain conventional septic systems and have become the septic system problem solver. The Aero-Stream® process has an extraordinarily high success rate eliminating septic system problems, which is remarkable considering most Aero-Stream® customers contact the company long after their systems are showing signs of failing. We are problem solvers when it comes to septic systems!

New product development and problem solving are a core value at Aero-Stream® and, as a result, new products and process improvements are constantly being developed and introduced.

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Sound Engineering, Design and Problem Solving Yields Higher Efficiency at Lower Costs

In 2002, Karl Holt, President and CEO of Aero-Stream®, LLC, began investigating solutions for his own failed septic system. Using his engineering experience with companies such as Lawn Boy, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Master Lock, Strattec, Western Industries, the Kohler Company and Outboard Marine, Holt performed extensive research, experimenting and testing and eventually developed and designed the first generation of the Aero-Stream® Remediator®. Subsequent innovations resulted in Aero-Stream® products that achieve much higher oxygen transfer efficiency with lower air flow, resulting in much lower power consumption and cleaner water.

Experienced Senior Technical Support Staff – The Septic System Problem Solver

Aero-Stream®’s Senior Technical Support Staff has decades of technical sales and customer service experience and are trained be septic system problem solver.

As documented in testimonials, most of our customers can not believe the high level of customer service and technical support they receive. Our organized system of post-purchase follow up contacts ensures optimum product performance.

We monitor your installation and remediation progress and address any issues you may encounter. We are available on in the evenings and weekends to solve problems you may encounter.

The Senior Technical Support Staff is knowledgeable, patient and understands the intense financial stress many of our customers face. They can assist you with cost effective alternative solutions to the high costs associated with septic system replacement.

Superior Performance and Certified

Aero-Stream® will produce results for BOD5 and TSS measurements in the range of 30 mg/L or better. Fecal Coli Form levels will be in the range of <5000 cfu/mL. (This is huge improvement over an anaerobic system that typically has limits of 220 mg/L for BOD5, 150 mg/L for TSS, and Fecal Coli Form of 10,000 mg/L.) In addition, the Aero-Stream® product reduces total nitrogen (TKN) by 23% or more.

The Aero-Stream® Remediator® and ProLine™ have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories, the standard for electrical certification and safety. The UL listing ensures that a product is completely safe with regard to electrical requirements, fire rating, operating temperature and mechanical safety.

Today, Aero-Stream® Remediation Systems are installed in thousands of septic systems across North America and have saved homeowners millions of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

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Third Party Endorsements

Aero-Stream® LLC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. In addition, Customer Lobby, Inc., the leading provider of online customer feedback, has given Aero-Stream® BOTH the Business Excellence and the Consumer Approved awards.

Aero-Stream, LLC BBB Business Review

Aero-Stream Septic System Problem Solver Headquarters in Wisconsin