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Genuine Parts

Genuine parts are essential to a quality repair. Replacement accessories (e.g. riser kit components, effluent filters, air line extension kits) can be purchased from our products page.

For any additional parts requests, please fill out the form below. Components and other replacement parts are available to existing customers only. We do not sell any of our components individually. All of our components are designed to work together to support our patented process. We offer replacement air line, diffusers, and bio-brush assemblies. We do not supply diaphragm and/or pump service kits.

To have your Remediator® unit serviced, see below.

How can I get the Remediator® system serviced and/or repaired?

Products that are out of warranty can be returned for reconditioning for a flat fee ($275). Pro Line™ systems purchased after 9/11/2009 include one (1) factory refurbishing on each serial number. The owner is responsible for shipping cost to our factory in Hartland, WI. There is a $20 return shipping charge for the Pro Line™ system included factory refurbishment. Factory reconditioned units are warranted to be free from material defects in material or workmanship for 180 days from shipment.

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Maintenance FAQ’s & Best Practices:

Does the Bio-Brush require cleaning? The bio-brushes do not have to be cleaned. The aerobic bacteria will grow on the bio brushes and does not need to be removed.

What can I use to clean the diffuser assembly? If cleaning is required, use a 2% hydrogen peroxide solution or muriatic acid.

Keep the area around the Housing free of leaves and other debris: If debris enters the product through the air intake holes, unplug the product and carefully remove the debris. Restart the system.

Effluent Filter Maintenance: An effluent filter must be checked 6 months after installation and annually thereafter. Clean the filter by flushing with a hose or replace the filter as required. When disposing a used filter, place it inside a plastic bag for proper disposal.

How often should I pump my septic tank? The tank should be pumped every 3 – 5 years. Before pumping the tank, remove the diffuser assembly from the tank by raising it by the air line. Remove bio-brush™ assembly.