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Aerobic Septic System – Aero-Stream® fixes and restores failed septic systems for residential and commercial applications.

To ensure you receive the appropriate septic tank aerator kit for your septic system, please call to speak with one of our technical advisors. We are the experts at converting a conventional system to an aerobic septic system. No other aeration system compares to the patented Aero-Stream® Remediator.

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All Aero-Stream remediation systems are engineered to restore septic systems using Controlled Aeration™. This is achieved by our patented Aero-Tube™ diffuser and Bio-Brush™. This combination provides proper mixing of the tank water along with quiescent zones for proper settling. The Bio-Brush facilitates the rapid production of aerobic attached growth bacteria. The Bio-Brush also filters the organic material from the wastewater where the trapped matter is rapidly digested by the attached bacteria. Uncontrolled aerators will rapidly mix the water in a septic tank within seconds. Unfortunately, these systems create too much turbulence and allow suspended solids to exit the tank. A modified outlet baffle “contraption” is not required if aeration is done correctly. The source of the bacteria is the human waste flushed into the system. Each flush contains trillions of bacterium that can double in population every 20 minutes until the bacteria colony rapidly achieves equilibrium. There is no need to add any “patented” or “special” bacteria.

Aero-Stream® Aerobic Septic System Conversion Components

The cost to repair a septic system depends on if you choose a full system replacement or conversion from an anaerobic to an aerobic system with an Aero-Stream® product.

Aero-Stream® Unit: All models are certified as UL Listed outdoor appliances specifically designed for permanent outdoor use. The process is protected under U.S. patent number 7,264,727 and other patents pending. The product is weather resistant and can be exposed to rain and snow. They have 6′ power cords and are typically placed on the ground near a 120 volt power outlet. They are soundproofed and operate quietly and efficiently, costing pennies per day to operate electrically.

Diffuser(s): Depending on the septic system design, this can either be a single diffuser or an assembly containing multiple diffusers. Each diffuser is made from highly durable, porous, low density materials specific for each application. They are designed for efficient oxygen transfer. Diffusers are connected to the Aero-Stream® Unit by means of an air line. The Aero-Tube™ diffuser installs through openings as small as 4″ diameter and requires no tank modifications. The Aero-Tube™ diffuser is self-up-righting and is quick and easy to install. Just lower into the tank without the worry of it tipping over! The patented (U.S Patent 9,126,850) design macerates solids and provides the highest oxygen transfer. The design promotes an extremely important quiescent zone at the tank floor that eliminates suspended solids from leaving the tank. Synergistic lift diffusers that are designed for pond applications and sit deep in the tank will not allow proper settling and cause irreparable damage to your drain field.

Bio-Brush®: An assembly of Bio-Brush® is specified for each system. Exclusively available through Aero-Stream® (U.S. Patent 7,718,067 & CA Patent 2,609,005), the Bio-Brush® is made from an all natural fiber media. The fibers provide surface area for attached growth aerobic bacteria, which, when combined with the existing suspended aerobic bacteria, greatly increases the Aero-Stream® System’s overall septic remediation performance. With the Bio-Brush®, the water leaving the septic tank is 30% cleaner compared to aeration alone, remediating your system faster and providing more protection against solids flowing into your drainfield!

Effluent Filter: An important feature to have in any septic tank to prevent inorganic debris from leaving the septic tank and clogging the outlet pipe. Installation of the effluent filter is not required for our patented process to work, however, we recommend installing a filter if possible. Effluent filter is not included with all models and is available as an accessory.

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