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Septic System FAQ

Septic system FAQs are difficult to find answers to. Below are some septic system FAQs related to our Aero-Stream septic system restoration products.

Pre-Purchase Septic System FAQs

The natural waste stream contains both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Most septic systems are passive, have no oxygen in the system, and rely on the slow anaerobic bacteria to clean the wastewater. Because the system contains no oxygen, the aerobic bacteria die. The Aero-Stream system does not add unnecessary chemical or bacterial additives; instead, it converts the passive system into an active system by adding oxygen to create the aerobic environment.

The aerobic bacteria proliferate and the anaerobic bacteria die. The aerobic bacteria are 20 – 30 times more effective at cleaning the wastewater. Because the wastewater is significantly cleaner, the bio-mat in the field (made of anaerobic bacteria and its by-product) is starved of a food source, dies, and becomes permeable. In addition to the starvation, the aerobic bacteria and oxygen-rich effluent flows to the field and digests the bio-mat.

We sell directly to the homeowner. Our product is designed to be simple to maintain and install. Installations generally take about an hour. Please call our toll-free tech support line, (877) 254-7093, we are happy to walk you through the installation and answer any questions that you might have. You can also check out our installation video on our website.

The Aero-Stream product works on all system types such as conventional fields, mounds, trenches, sand filters, dry wells, seepage pits, etc.

There are several factors that we use to determine sizing for a system. For example, septic tank size, system design, age, and household size are items that affect sizing. Please visit our “Contact Us” page and complete the questionnaire form. For commercial or larger systems please contact us and we will engineer a custom system to restore and maintain your failed septic system based on your system’s design.

The price for the Aero-Stream® Kit ranges depending on the model.  We have installment payment plans available as well. You can see current pricing and specs on our products page.

Yes! Shipping is $55. You will have to pay the GST and a customs fee. We ship all orders to Canada with USPS or UPS. Shipping transit time is approximately 6 to 10 business days

The source of the bacteria is the human waste flushed into the septic system. Each flush contains trillions of bacterium that can double in population every 20 minutes until the bacteria colony rapidly achieves equilibrium. There is no need to add any “patented” or “special” bacteria. Do not add any type of bacteria to the system ever. Some strains of bacteria consume excessive amounts of oxygen and make it difficult to convert to an aerobic environment.

We have units installed in severe climates, such as Alaska, Canada, and the Rocky Mountains; the performance of the equipment will not be hampered.
The Aero-Stream equipment can be plugged into a regular outlet (115 Volt). It uses between 110 and 190 watts of power depending on the model. A typical operating cost is $12 to $17 per month.
Every system is unique, but on average you will see improvements to the septic tank in the first week, and you will see larger improvements in the tank and the field in 2-3 months. Some systems respond quicker than this, and some take a little longer. We offer a six-month money-back guarantee, so you will have ample time to know that Aero-Stream® is resolving your problem.
In some locations, you may need a permit. Because regulations can vary from state to state, and even more from county to county, we recommend checking with your Local County or municipality.

Aero-Stream® has been around for over 20 years. We spent several years before that researching and developing this patented system and evaluating other wastewater treatment products.

We are confident that the Aero-stream® process will improve the performance of your septic system. If during the first twelve months you are not satisfied with the improvement in the operation of your septic system you can return the Aero-Stream® product to us for the refund described herein. Within six months of purchase, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. If returned after six months but before twelve months, the refund will be fifty percent of the purchase price. This policy covers only models Remediator® LT, Remediator®, Remediator® Pro Line™, and Remediator® Pro-Line Plus™ purchased directly through Aero-Stream®, LLC.

This policy does not cover any products purchased through any other source as we have no control over product sizing or installation methods, etc. This policy does not apply to Maintainer™, Septic System Saver® models, or any other products or accessories. The Septic System Saver® return policy is dictated exclusively by the retailer from which the product was purchased. All other unused products and accessories returned are subject to a twenty-five percent restocking fee and must be returned within fourteen days of purchase. Payment Plan fees are not refundable.

Failure to make scheduled payments on the due date voids the money-back guarantee. To be eligible to receive any refund under this Customer Satisfaction Policy you must contact us by telephone, e-mail, or in writing within the time specified above, from the date of your invoice. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) will be issued with instructions. RMA’s for remediation systems as described above issued or inquired about for any reason within ninety days of the invoice date are subject to a fourteen percent restocking fee. All products must thereafter be received at our facility within twenty-one days of the return authorization date. Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges including insurance. Upon receipt, any evidence of tampering, damage, or misuse of the unit will void this Customer Satisfaction Policy.

Please feel free to give us a call at (877) 254-7093, send us an email at info@aero-stream.com or hop on the our LiveChat. We have septic system experts ready to assist you in answering your septic system FAQ.

Post-Purchase Septic System FAQs

There will be some septic odor for a short period of time after start-up. The odor will go away within 24-48 hours as the system converts. After this period there will be no odor.
The enclosure has been designed and built to withstand all of the weather seasons and does not need to be inside, we have passed rigorous tests and approved as a UL Listed Outdoor Appliance, none of our competitors can say that!
The product requires air circulation to keep the motor cool. The product should not be covered. The area around the product should be kept clear of debris, lawn clippings, leaves, etc.
A 20’ section of airline is included with each kit. Airline extension kits (25’, 50’, & 100’) can also be purchased on our website. Your products installation guide will explain steps for splicing in airline purchased locally.
The diffuser can be installed on either end of the septic tank. Refer to your product manual for detailed instructions regarding two-chamber & two tank designs.
An effluent filter is not required for the process to be effective. However, it is recommended that an effluent filter be installed if reasonably possible. An effluent filter stops large inorganic material from flowing to the drain field such as baby wipes, tampons, Q-Tips, and the like. The effluent filter should be checked at six months and then annually thereafter. Depending on the system, the filters will last 1-3 years.
The Bio-Brushes do not require periodic cleaning. The aerobic bacteria will grow on the bio brushes and does not need to be removed.
We have a factory refurbishing program. We will refurbish your Aero-Stream® unit to the same factory specifications as a new unit. The pumps have a life expectancy ranging from 3-5 years typically. When they stop producing air, we have them sent back to our shop to go through our refurbishment program where we replace the pump, replace any parts, get them cleaned up and tested/working like new & returned. The refurbishment cost runs for $275. With our Pro Line kit (brand new), that first refurbishment 3-5 years after the purchase is included for free.
The addition of “waste digesting” additives has not been independently proven to restore the function of a septic system. In some cases, the addition of certain chemicals can be detrimental to the function of your system. In rare situations we may recommend an organic oxidizing agent; however, it should only be applied to a septic system in certain circumstances. There are many variables to be considered which include but not limited to: soil type, system type, system age, failure type, etc. In our 18+ years of restoring septic systems by utilizing controlled septic aeration, we have recommended limited use of this process.
Depending on the degree of deterioration of the drain field, it may be necessary to have your septic tank pumped during the early stages of the remediation process until enough remediation has been done to handle daily flow rates. Your system developed problems over many years and it will take time to reverse and eliminate the effects of the anaerobic process.
Call our experts today to get all of your septic system FAQ answered. We offer free consultations.