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Septic Tank Overview

An Overview Of Septic Tank Systems Introduction A septic tank is a buried container that holds domestic wastewater to reduce the risk of contamination. Septic tanks are usually made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic and are located underground. They contain a series of chambers that hold anaerobic bacteria and enzymes that break down solid waste…

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Controlled Turbulence Aeration

Background for the Invention This invention relates to providing mixing and lift while restraining turbulent action for use in bodies of liquid.  In most existing older septic systems, for example, a single chamber (tank) is used for biodegradation and settling of solids.  Because there is little movement and little oxygen available the system is anaerobic…

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The Simple Solution and Proven Science the Wastewater industry Does not Want You to Know About

Conventional septic systems work in an environment without oxygen (anaerobic system), the natural aging process of that oxygen-free environment promotes the growth of a black sludge called biomat. Over time this growth seals and prevents the system from releasing water into the ground. Since the biomat survives and thrives without oxygen it also dies and…

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