Keep Higgins Lake Pristine!

Keeping Higgins Lake Pristine is everyone’s goal. It is a 9,600-acre lake located in north central Michigan. The watershed covers approximately 19,000 acres. Over the past decade, many studies have been completed to address the potential for water quality deterioration. The potential causes of reduced water quality are surface water run-off and poor functioning septic systems.

Septic System Problems

Within the watershed is an estimated 4,000 septic systems. These septic system designs can vary dramatically. These systems can be made of make-shift components such as metal drums to fully engineered and professionally installed systems following the latest EPA guidelines. Obviously, the more modern the design the better the system will treat the wastewater as it moves into the soil and water table.

There is a contingency in the watershed that believes that the only way to solve the potential wastewater pollution source is to install “The Big Pipe” and transport all of the wastewater to a central treatment system. The downside to the central treatment system is the amount of time to get the project approved and implemented and the cost of the project. A project of this magnitude will take years for the engineering and approval work to be completed. And then there is the cost. A system of this size has an estimated cost of $130,000,000, which is over $30,000 per household.

In addition, there will be annual fees levied on the homeowners to operate and maintain the centralized treatment plant. If you are one of the unlucky homeowners faced with a septic system replacement now you will be paying twice that amount! A new septic system will cost $25,000 – $30,000. When the sewer line is available at your property you will be required to abandon the system that is a few years old and pay the $30,000 connection fee to the sewer.

A Better Solution Exists

Aero-Stream Distribution Box

Distribution Box – Clear Effluent Flowing to the Drain Field!

Keeping Higgins Lake pristine should not be as expensive and as difficult as the engineering firms describe it. Aero-Stream has developed and patented an aerobic treatment process that converts a conventional septic system into a very efficient aerobic treatment system. These products have been available to homeowners for more than 20 years.

These systems start at just over $800 with the Pro Line model at just over $2,000. A conventional septic system does only 40% of the work in the septic tank, relying on the soil to do 60% of the work. In the soil is where the nutrients can flow into the lake and cause pollution.

After the system is converted to aerobic treatment with the Aero-Stream system, contaminants can be reduced by 80% -95% in the tank requiring the soil to do much less cleansing. Third-party testing reveals that TKN nitrogen is typically reduced by about 30% and fecal coli by as much as 97%.

Keep Higgins Lake PristineThe installation of an Aero-Stream remediation system typically takes an hour or less for the average homeowner. There is no extensive excavation. Within 24 hours of installation, the system is discharging clean effluent to the soil treatment system. If your system is already failing it will repair the field or drywell improving its performance to a like-new condition. These systems are also available through retailers branded as the Septic System Saver.

NSF 40 Certified Systemskeeping Higgins Lake Pristine

If you are installing a new system with the goal of keeping Higgins Lake Pristine you may want to consider our NSF 40 Eco-Nest ATU. Your installer can contact us for details.


Keeping Higgins Lake Pristine does not need to be complicated or expensive! The centralized wastewater treatment system is going to use the same aerobic process to treat the wastewater as the Aero-Stream system does, but the centralized solution will cost each homeowner more than 20X the cost! additionally, the installation of the centralized sewer system will require significant excavation. This will destroy your landscaping and lead to increased run-off potential.

Let the experts at Aero-Stream® diagnose your problem and guide you through the solution saving you money and stress. Experience First Class Customer Service and Septic System Knowledge. Don’t let them dig! Before you do anything else call us.

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