Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

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The Benefit Of Aerobic Treatment Of Wastewater

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Aerobic wastewater treatment uses oxygen to break down organic contaminants and other pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus. A mechanical aeration device continuously adds oxygen (air) to the wastewater or sewage, such as an air blower or compressor. Aerobic bacteria then devour the organic material in the wastewater, converting it to carbon dioxide…

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The Simple Solution and Proven Science the Wastewater industry Does not Want You to Know About

Conventional septic systems work in an environment without oxygen (anaerobic system), the natural aging process of that oxygen-free environment promotes the growth of a black sludge called biomat. Over time this growth seals and prevents the system from releasing water into the ground. Since the biomat survives and thrives without oxygen it also dies and…

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