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At Aero-Stream®, we recommend that the septic tank cover be visible, easily accessible, and inspected about every 6 months. A septic system is one of the most expensive, yet least monitored and understood mechanical features of a property. Buried and hidden deep beneath the soil and often covered with grass or hidden under a pot of flowers, it quickly is forgotten. Only when the warning signs of septic system troubles begin to appear, do we remember it’s there, and that it needs to be maintained and monitored. With accessories like our septic tank risers, it is easy to do just that.

Concrete septic tank riser rings weigh hundreds of pounds, and the cover weighs between 60 – 80 lbs. Because they are so heavy and cumbersome, many people are discouraged from removing the cover and don’t know what to look for once they do. They can also be an unsightly fixture in your landscape. Our plastic septic tank riser rings, on the other hand, typically weigh less than 30 lbs., and the cover less than 10 lbs. This makes installation, regular inspection, and servicing your septic system much easier. Our septic tank covers are aesthetically pleasing and blend well into the landscape.

Septic tank riser kits are used to raise the tank opening to ground level for easy maintenance. Our durable plastic septic tank riser kits are 100% Made in USA. Bring your septic cover to the surface so it is easy to service the tank. We offer complete kits or components ala-carte for the DIYers out there. Prices for septic tank riser kits and components include free contiguous USA shipping. Contact us for non-contiguous USA & Canada shipping options.

How do I measure for the correct fit?

Please review our Measuring for a Septic Tank Riser Kit Guide or contact us to discuss your application. You can submit photos via our contact us form for us to review. Additionally, each individual product page will contain a schematic for the respective product.

Can the riser be cut down or altered on site?

No. The kits are only available in 3″ increments starting at 7″ tall up to 50″ tall. Call us for custom heights greater than 50”.

Should the kit be positioned above, at, or below grade?

The height is matter of preference. The kits are watertight and can be setup with the cover above, at, or below grade.

Do you remove the existing septic tank cover?

Generally, most homeowners remove the existing cover for ease of access in the future. Depending on the dimensions of the existing lid, this step may be required. Our kits provide a water tight seal to the tank. The low-profile cover secures down with several screws & there’s also a secondary safety barrier included as well to ensure our kits provide safe access to the septic tank.

Can I drive my lawn equipment and/or utility vehicle over the kit?

No. We recommend avoiding any substantial loads from machinery directly on the kit. The septic tank cover is designed for occasional foot traffic areas. For applications in high traffic areas the cover should be inspected every 6 months for deterioration and replaced at least every 3 years.

My opening is square, not circular, will this system still work?

Our kits were designed to fit most styles of opening shapes (e.g. round, square, rectangular, etc.) given the opening is within certain parameters. The base flange will fit up to a 24” circular or squared opening.

I already have an existing riser, can I extend it with your equipment?

Check out our riser extension kits page for available options. We offer kits 6″ tall up to 18″ tall. Contact us for custom heights beyond 18″.

How quickly do you ship?

We process and ship orders Monday – Friday, excluding major US Holidays. Orders received before 12PM (CST) will ship the same business day. Typical shipping time on our septic tank riser kits is 3-5 business days depending on your location.

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