Septic System Products

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Residential Remediation Kits for Existing Systems

NSF/ANSI 40 Aerobic Treatment Units for New Installations

Septic Tank Riser Kits & Components

Septic System Safe & Environmental Friendly Cleaners
Commercial Remediation & Treatment Systems for Existing or New Installations

Septic Tank Alarms

Effluent Filters
Air Line Extensions
High Output Ozone Generators

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Aero-Stream is part of the Engineered Water Solutions, LLC family of companies. Dedicated to clean water technologies deployed across diverse applications, our philosophy is to solve everyday common problems through the application of technology.

Harness the power of natures most powerful sanitizer, ozone. With the Aero-Spa system you can create a virtually chemical free hot tub or pool in minutes!


Improves surface water quality through efficient aeration. Dramatically improves water clarity, improves biological health and eliminates bio-solids.