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Introduction To Septic Tank Aeration

Septic tank aeration is a way to improve the flow through your septic system and make it easier for waste to settle, which can both save you money on repairs and prevent backups. It’s simple enough that you can install it yourself with a remediation kit from Aero-Stream.

As septic or sewage systems age, they can experience a variety of problems, and some of them can be reversed.

Septic tank systems are designed to last 20 years according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and that is about how long they usually last in most areas. While septic systems are built to last, they do not last forever and they can fail at any time even though you take good care of the system by having it pumped out every three to five years if it has been used for more than eight years since installation, or every two years if installed within eight years.

If you are careful about what goes down your drains and toilets then your septic tank will hold up just fine but neglect is usually the main reason why people start having problems with their septic systems; allowing too much material into the tank causes it to become clogged up with solid waste material which means that nothing else can pass through either leaving you without any working toilets or showers when there is no water coming from those sources because everything has backed up into other areas causing havoc for homeowners.

Septic tank aerators are used to improve the flow through your system, making it easier for your waste to settle.

A septic tank aerator is a device that adds air to the liquid in your septic tank. This process is called aeration, and it helps to improve the flow of liquid through your system so that waste can settle more quickly. Septic aeration is very effective when done properly. Aero-Stream has a patented controlled aeration process that reduces the organic material in the septic tank and allows solids to settle to the bottom of the tank where they belong.

The process of aerating a septic tank involves adding some sort of substance like our patented Bio-Brush that will provide an additional surface area for bacteria to attach and allows air to come into contact with water, thereby increasing the overall amount of dissolved oxygen present in solution. When this happens, bacteria are able to break down organic matter into harmless elements much faster than they would without sufficient oxygen available at all times throughout every part.

The process is simple and easy to perform yourself.

Septic tanks and the drain field are a necessary part of your home’s plumbing, but they can become clogged or damaged over time. If you want to ensure the health of your system, it’s important to keep an eye on it and know how to fix any problems that arise. Septic tank aeration is one way to help with this task.

The process is simple and easy to perform yourself:

  • You need to find where your septic tank is located (in most cases, this will be outside).
  • You need the right tools for the job, including drill with bit attachment and extension cord if necessary.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for installing the remediation systems guide.
  • We suggest that the tank be pumped prior to installation of our remediations system.

Septic system aeration is an easy fix that can save you money

Aeration is a cost effective way to fix a septic system. Aeration is when air is pumped into the septic tank, which helps reduce the sludge layer in the bottom of your tank. The sludge layer displaces the liquid in your septic tank reducing the holding capacity of your tank. This reduces the efficiency of the system because the hold time is reduced.

Aeration can be performed by professional or homeowners’ own skill; Our fully illustrated installation guide will guide your through the installation process step by step. We offer unlimited technical support and have telephone coverage 24 hours per day, seven days per week. It’s important to note that aeration equipment costs anywhere between $700-$1,700 depending on how big your septic system is. A new replacement septic system can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 and sometimes even up to $100,000 depending on where you live. This is only a small percentage of a complete septic system replacement.


Whether you’re looking to save some money, or just want to make your septic system work better, aeration is a great way to go. We’ve covered how it works and how you can do this on your own. If you don’t feel like doing the work yourself (or don’t have the time), you can contact a local plumber or handyman to assist you with the installation. Your hired installer can call us with any questions and we can walk them through the process.

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