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Cesspool Upgrade – Hawaii Act 125

Hawaii Act 125 requires that some 88,000 cesspools need to be upgraded by 2050.  In 2017 the Hawaii congress passed this law. The law has many questions surrounding it. Prioritizing which cesspool applications get upgraded and how the project is funded are some of the largest issues. There have been discussions for decades and the…

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AERO-STREAM® – Certification to NSF/ANSI 40

Driving Innovation and Advancing Aero-Stream® LLC, a national leader in residential water and wastewater treatment, is proud to announce Aero-Stream ® Remediation has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations, NSF International. Over the next several months, we’ll begin to launch a series of NSF 40 Aerobic Treatment Units. The systems…

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Septic System Experts

Call 24/7 for Free Expert Advice (877) 254-7093 Let the experts at Aero-Stream® diagnose your problem and guide you through the solution saving you money and stress. Experience First Class Customer Service and Septic System Knowledge. Don’t let them dig! Before you do anything else call us. Do it Yourself Install in 30 Minutes! WATCH THE…

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Ways to Improve Water Efficiency in Your Home

Install low-flow Water Fixtures Making the switch to low-flow water fixtures can dramatically reduce your household water usage and monthly bill.  If your faucets, showerheads, or toilets were installed prior to 1995, you should consider upgrading to modern fixtures that offer greater water efficiency for numerous reasons. Many modern faucets use 40% less water and…

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