Septic Tank Failing or About to Fail? How Can I Tell?

Signs of a failing septic tank

Septic tank failing? Nothing is quite as unpleasant as a septic system that has failed. The most common causes of septic system problems include clogging and blockages from solids, obstructions from tree roots, broken pipelines or an obstruction within the septic pipes. The most frequent cause of in-pipe obstruction results from excessive quantities of wastewater flushing sludge out of the tank and into the distribution pipes.

The major cause of septic system failure is the natural aging process and the development of the biomat. The natural aging process can be reversed with controlled aeration of the septic tank. By keeping an eye on several telltale signs, a homeowner can proactively delay the impending failure.

First Indications of a Potential Septic Tank Failing

The first signs of a failing septic system may include sluggish draining toilets and sinks, gurgling sounds within the plumbing, sewer odors in the house, continuing drainage backups, or bacteria in the drinking water. If any of these symptoms exist, check for more pronounced indications of a septic system failure.

Check the absorption field for strong smells. When untreated sewage water seeps into the soil, gases from the anaerobic digestion process seep to the surface and are easily identifiable. The odor of sewage in the yard is an indicator of a septic problem. The location of the odor will identify the location of the issue in the septic system. Once that is determined, visual clues often show up as well.

Visual Signs

The typical visual signs of a septic tank failing are very green patches of grass or areas in which the plants are growing much better than in other areas. This shows that the effluent is seeping into that particular place. Septic effluent is a strong fertilizer. It contains concentrations of phosphate and nitrates. These strong patches of growth indicate that effluent is reaching them. It also indicates a substantial failure of the drainfield system that will need a costly repair.

A second visual indicator of a septic failure is the presence of ponding sewage on the surface of the ground. If this has happened, it indicates the soil has become soaked with untreated sewage. The smell will often be very strong. This condition is considered a major health hazard, and a licensed professional should be called in to make an assessment. The saturated ground around the tank is weak and may collapse.

Fail septic system flooding yard

A homeowner should never try to enter a cesspool or septic tank, as serious injury or death could occur from drowning or suffocation by the trapped gases within the tank. Historically, in a complete failure, the entire septic system would need to be replaced, which can be quite costly. Staying abreast of the early signs of a potential problem and having a regular inspection and cleaning can save significant money in the end.

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