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Product Improvement & New Product Development

Aero-Stream is committed to providing the best possible solution to solving septic tank problems and septic system problems. In 2010 we began a controlled testing program of our products at the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC). Recently, “This Old House” television program produced a segment at the MASSTC displaying our products.

Watch The Video

Listen to George Heufelder, the Director of the test center explain the benefits of the center and of the advanced aerobic treatment unit technology being used. George describes how our Aerobic Treatment Units operate and the process in which air is aggressively applied to the liquid itself while also having a media fiber in the tank for bacteria to grow upon. He then explains that these units are very popular in tight soils, down south, and in Georgia clay.
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Test Results

Construction and Installation at the Site

MASSTC Testing Septic Tank Riser
Clean Septic Tank
Aero-Stream at MASSTC Testing
Septic Aeration
MASSTC Testing Installation