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Interested in a septic aeration comparison? Here are the main reasons why Aero-Stream®’s septic remediation products are the best. Once you know the facts, we are certain you will agree that Aero-Stream® will solve your septic system problems. Our latest innovation is the Aero-Stream® Bio-Brush™. Protected by US and international patents, the Bio-Brush™ adds a 30% greater efficiency to our system as compared to imitation products. The Bio-Brush™ is a must have feature to solve your septic system problems!

Outstanding Customer Service

High Quality Engineered Products

20 Years of Experience Solving Septic Problems

Proven Performance and Results (see the test)


Customer Lobby offers an unbiased customer feedback platform. Here is a sample of what our customers are saying.

Septic Aeration Comparison Kevin Prout 
I just can’t believe how well this product WORKS! I’m not a religious person, but this, to me, is close to a miracle. I have never been more relieved in my life.

Barry Allison 
I had neighbors laughing at me when I bought your unit. They paid between $18K – $22K (Cdn) for new systems. They are not laughing now.

Septic Aeration Comparison Ken Clark 
I am ready to sell them. I can’t believe how well It worked. Thanks.

Chris Shultz  
This product has saved us several thousands of dollars already. We could not be more happy. There was no risk as they will buy the unit back if it does not work. How could you go wrong? Thanks again for inventing such a great product!

Septic Aerator Comparison Reviewer 
Excellent service and technical help. Can’t say enough good things about this company. They stand behind their products and deliver.

Septic Aerator Comparison Ken Couturier 
I was having to pump my septic tanks every month at a cost of $325. I had to pump the system the first month but have not had to since then. Obviously I have saved almost $5000. Very satisfied.

Septic Aerator Comparison Chris Nelson 
The service and professional manor which Aero Stream helped me as a unknowledgeable consumer with septic systems was first class. Facing a large replacement cost was depressing and frightening. Fixing the septic system with Areo Stream help was simple, logical, and best of all it is working and doing exactly what they said it would… These are quality people solving problem concerned customers face.

Septic Aerator Comparison Howard S.
50 Year Old Cesspool Now Acts Like New – For the last several years our 50 yr old system would get backed up and needed to be pumped out every 3 months. Last winter, it got so bad that we had it pumped out every 2 weeks. We found this product online…loved their videos and explanations of everything. After installing the product in the cesspool (with great personal help over the phone) the time between pumping went to 2 months then 3 months and now it has been 5 months and we still have no need to pump it out! What an awesome investment!!!

Septic Aerator Comparison Dean and Patty B. 
All we can say is that Aero-Stream saved our Septic System. WE live on 1/4 acre, small 3 bedroom house with just my husband and I. Ever since we purchased the home in 2007, the toilets gurgled. We have had many people try and diagnose our problem. Then on Super Bowl Sunday 2013, our system acted up. We had our septic box emptied, our fingers blown out by jet stream pressure tanks and started looking on the internet on what we could do next. That is when we read the blogs, read all about anaerobic verses aerobic bacteria and how Aero-Stream gets rid of the sludge and creates good bacteria that doesn’t clog up your system. It actually has ran better since March than in the previous 5 years and no more gurgling toilets.Why doesn’t the septic people tell you about this product?? It is because they want to dig up your back yard, put in a new leach field and charge you $5,000.00 or more to fix something that probably is broken.

1. Aero-Stream® Demonstrates Best in Class Customer Service

The CEO of Aero-Stream® experienced complete septic system failure in 2002. He has been through the stressful experience that you are now dealing with. From your first contact with Aero-Stream® you will experience people who care about YOU and resolving your problem. No sales pressure, no gimmicks. Everyday we hear remarks about how some companies will sell you something and then offer no help after the sale, and sometimes they can’t even get anyone to answer their call. Aero-Stream® will be there through every step of the process. Despite what you experience these days with poor customer service from others, OUTSTANDING customer service is alive and practiced at Aero-Stream®! Call us today to experience the absolute BEST customer service you will EVER receive!

2. Aero-Stream® has More Experience and is Most Knowledgeable

Aero-Stream® pioneered the remediation process in 2002. Solving your septic system problems is our mission. We don’t do this as a sideline business. We have more systems installed across North America than other’s combined. We are an engineering company that provides practical solutions to solve problems. We are not a web marketing company trying to capitalize on the work of others. We are not plumbers or septic system installers with 25 years of experience installing septic systems that are designed to fail. We have the technical expertise to analyze your problem and make sound recommendations to resolve the issue promptly. While being imitated is flattering, be wary of the followers. They refresh their browsers daily to see what we are doing and copy it. Some copy our patented process and products. Others mimic our Money-Back Guarantee and duplicate our trademarked information. When dealing with an expensive and stressful problem, don’t make your problems worse by relying on the followers. Trust the industry leader, Aero-Stream®.

3. Aero-Stream® Developed and Patented the Technology – Septic Aeration Comparison

The Aero-Stream® process is protected by a broad utility patent,(US Patent 7,264,727). The patent begins with the statement: an apparatus and a method for the remediation of failing wastewater treatment systems. Aero-Stream® is continually developing practical solutions to septic system problems and have several additional products in development with patents pending. Our latest innovation is the Aero-Stream® Bio-Brush™.
Patented-Bio-Brush Septic Aerator Comparison

Protected by US and international patents, the Bio-Brush™ adds a 30% greater efficiency to our system as compared to imitation products.
Don’t be fooled by marketing hype. We can provide data and experience to support our products, not just passionate promises and false claims.

4. Sound Engineering and Design Yields Higher Efficiency at Lower Costs

The Aero-Stream® process was developed by an engineer with experience in product research and development with companies such as Lawn Boy, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Master Lock, STRATTEC, Western Industries, the Kohler Company, and Outboard Marine. The Aero-Stream® products are designed to achieve much higher oxygen transfer efficiency with lower air flow, resulting in much lower power consumption and cleaner water. Don’t be fooled by claims of “20 years of experience” or “experienced gleaned from over 30 years in aeration”. Installing septic systems or applying pond aeration techniques to septic system remediation simply does not qualify anyone to be an “expert”. As an analogy, having a million frequent flyer miles would obviously not qualify the individual to pilot an airliner! There is no septic aeration comparison product available.

5. UL Listing

The Aero-Stream® Remediator® and Pro Line™ have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories, the standard for electrical certification and safety. UL listing ensures that a product is completely safe with regard to electrical requirements, fire rating, operating temperature and mechanical safety. Our products are designed for a permanent outdoor application. Other products are rated for “temporary” applications and can pose serious safety and liability issues,

6. Easy Installation

Aero-Stream® products install easily and quickly. The Aero-Stream® Remediator® can be installed through a 4-inch opening and does not require modifications to the baffle. Other products require more than a 12″ opening.

7. Best Guarantee in the Business

Aero-Stream® Remediator® and Pro Line™ models come with a clearly written easy Money-Back Guarantee. Beware of vague guarantees, either written or un-written!

8. Third Party Endorsements

Aero-Stream® LLC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. In addition, Customer Lobby, Inc., the leading provider of online customer feedback, has given Aero-Stream® BOTH the Business Excellence and the Consumer Approved awards. We also have earned the Handyman Club of America seal of approval.

9. Bottom-Line Costs

Our prices are bottom-line and reflect your total investment. We offer free and unlimited technical support before, during, and after your purchase.

10. Environmental Benefits

Aero-Stream® will produce results for BOD5 and TSS measurements in the range of 30 mg/L or better. Fecal Coli Form levels will be in the range of <5000 cfu/mL. (This is huge improvement over an anaerobic system that typically has limits of 220 mg/L for BOD5, 150 mg/L for TSS, and Fecal Coli Form of 10,000 mg/L.) In addition, the Aero-Stream® product reduces total nitrogen (TKN) by up to 50%. Unfortunately, the imitation products don’t even understand these terms.

11. Proven Performance & Results

Long-term, multi-seasonal testing at a NSF40 certified facility has proven the Aero-Stream® Septic Remediation System is robust and reliable. We have thousands of systems installed across North America in all soil conditions and every possible configuration. Read our reviews of septic aeration caparison. You’ll agree that no one matches our high standards