Eco-Septic System

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Aero-Stream®’s Bio-Brush® Improves Septic Tank Performance and is a Eco Friendly Green Solution!

The only septic aeration system that provides customers with the Bio-Brush® is Aero-Stream®. The Bio-Brush® is made from an all natural green solution fiber media. The fibers allow attached growth aerobic bacteria to flourish, which, when combined with the existing suspended aerobic bacteria, greatly increases the Aero-Stream® Remediation System’s overall septic remediation performance. A close up image of the Bio-Brush® fiber is shown below.
Some Bio-Brush® facts:
  • Easily installed.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Green Solution & Eco-friendly natural fiber for long life in wastewater treatment system.
  • Each brush is 1 meter in length and adds significant surface area for attached bacteria growth.
  • US Patent 7,718,067 International Patent 2,609,005; US and International Patents pending.

The Aero-Stream® Remediation Green Solution Is Even Better With The Bio-Brush®!

The Bio-Brush® is a must have! Start cleaning your water the Aero-Stream® way and, not only will you be restoring a failing septic system, you will be keeping your local water supply cleaner. Look at these amazing results when the Aero-Stream® Remediation Solution includes the Bio-Brush®:
  • BOD5 (biochemical oxygen demand) is reduced by an additional 26%
  • TSS (total suspended solids) is reduced by an additional 73%
  • Fecal Coliform is reduced by an additional 27%
  • Natural Green Solution is a renewable resource
Distribution Box – Clear Effluent Flowing to the Drain Field!

End Your Septic Tank Problems With the Green Solution from Aero-Stream®!

  • Save Thousands of Dollars Over Alternatives
  • Easy Money-Back Guarantee
  • Pioneers and Patent Holders of the Retrofit Aerobic Remediation Concept