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This product fixed and restored my failed septic system …

It’s been six weeks since the installation and it has worked better than my expectations. The puddling has disappeared and the problem area is drying up with little change to our water usage.

– Reviewer

A successful installation June 16th left me with an “aerobic system in a septic tank,” using drain lines and a leach field – not some pricey aerobic tank and messy sprinkler system. The raw sewage in the tank is happily being aerated and began to clear after only a few days. The pooling in the leach field immediately began to diminish and stabilize to one location within one week of installation. Pooling was further reduced to two small wet spots within four weeks and almost unnoticeable within six weeks.

– Jerry

I took a chance on your company and technology, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. I’m attaching a photo I took this weekend of the septic tank. Before we installed your product, the water would not flow out to the leech field, but puddle in the area above the lid. You can see in this photo that the area is dry and that the system is working as it is designed. Obviously, the leech field is now working again. Thank you very much.

– Terry

… After only 5 weeks of continuous use I no longer had a difficulty with odor or ground seepage. My most difficult challenge was to be able to exceed over 2 loads of laundry per day. This also was accomplished and I have been able to wash as many loads of laundry without any ill affects. I would highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing septic problems.

– Earl

Our system is now flowing freely and we aren’t having ANY problems. We have challenged the septic systemto the max with lots of overnight guests, several loads of laundry,and multiple dishwasher loads – all at the same time – and not even a hint of any problems (we have an inspection pipe which makes it very easy to see if it is flowing freely). And, if you lift the lid on the septic tank the water is literally CLEAR – no odor, no scum, it is just amazing!

– Janet

… It has been nine weeks today (4/10/2010) since I had the tank pumped (2/13/2010), installed the riser and Aero Stream system and I have seen definite improvements. The toilets are no longer bubbling and we have had no backups into the shower. The lawn around the tank and drain field are no longer soggy and full of dollar weeds. Great Product!! It definitely did the job. I do not know why aerobic systems are not mandatory.Thanks for offering such a great product!

– Dave

My wife and I had a new home built in 2005 and after a couple of years, we began to experience bubbling toilets and complete septic shut down every time a heavy down pour of rain would come. During the recovery period after a heavy rain, we could not wash any clothes and had to use the bathroom in the farthest location from the septic tank. The win ter of 2009 brought with it a lot of rainy days, so this made our septic problems even worst because as the system was trying to recover from one day of heavy rain, it would rain again shortly after. I discovered the Aero-Stream System while surfing the web and after reviewing the testimonials, the money back guarantee and speaking with a customer service rep, I ordered the product and installed it in February 2010. I saw results within two weeks and after about four weeks, the water level in the septic tank dropped below the inlet baffle to its normal level. It has now been six weeks and we have had several heavy rains with no septic problems what so ever. Thank you Aero-Stream for restoring our septic system and saving us a lot of money. Your product and level of customer service is excellent.

– MJ

I had been hearing gurgling noises in the plumbing that seemed strange to me, but I didn’t really know what caused it. That was nothing compared to what happen when I started cutting the grass after all the rain from the spring season. I was just happily whistling along on my riding mower, when all of a sudden the whole back end of the mower sank into a hole of very dark black sludge. I realized we had a much bigger problem on our hands. I called out the septic cleaning guy to empty the tank, but he said if the leach field is clogged the sink hole will only grow bigger and bigger. So, I got online to research what my choices were, since I did not want to put in a whole new leach field. I found a chemical called Septic-Flow that claimed to send bacteria into the field that would eat away the bio-mat sludge and clear everything up. $350.00 later, I realized that the sink hole was getting worse and I just poured my money down the toilet. I researched some more but was losing faith that I could find a solution other than a new leach field. I stumbled upon the AERO-STREAM and was very excited. (Although I was very excited over the Septic-Flow chemical too : ) I ordered the smaller system, not sure if I should have ordered the larger one but, THREE weeks after install, every drop of water has dried up with no more gurgling in the pipes!!! My husband can’t believe how quickly it worked. I am so happy with it, I am ready to become a Company spokesperson because it is such an amazing product that actually lives up to the promises made!

– Sherry