Residential Remediation Kits

Solving septic system problems is our mission and we’re excited to offer the most versatile and economic way to treat wastewater. Pioneered in 2002, The Aero-Stream® remediation process has been installed in virtually every system configuration, soil type combination, and all organic or synthetic distribution component designs and materials from gravel and pipe fields, chambers, drywells and seepage pits, to mounds, sand filters, cesspools, and lagoons. The system can be easily installed in under an hour and begins to restore your system within weeks! Install through septic openings as small as 4″ diameter.

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Septic System Restorer & Maintainer

⋅Eliminates foul septic odor, pooling sewage, backups and more.

⋅Fixes sluggish drains, gurgling pipes and toilets that are slow to flush.

⋅Eliminates the need to replace your septic system.

⋅Easily installs in an hour or less with simple hand tools.

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The Only Source for the Bio-Brush™

Only Aero-Stream® products come with the patented Bio-Brush™. With the Bio-Brush™, the water leaving the septic tank is 30% cleaner compared to aeration alone, remediating your system faster and providing higher quality effluent to the ground. The Bio-Brush® is made from an all natural fiber media. Depending on the model, the bio-brush assembly will contain single or multiple meters of brush. The fibers provide surface area for attached growth aerobic bacteria. Protected under patents US 7,718,067 Canada 2,609,005.

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“You Have Nothing to Lose Except your Septic System Problems”

Read our Complete Money-Back Guarantee – NO Hidden Fine Print!

Want a little extra protection? The Extended Service Plan covers the entire remediation product consecutively after the original warranty period expires

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Need Help Deciding Which System is Best for you?

The higher the output the better. Factors affecting sizing capacity are:

• system tank size
• system design
• system age
• household size
• water usage habits

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