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5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

All around very satisfied

December 2020 told we had a failed system. Plugged leach field. Septic odor whenever we did laundry. After research purchased Aero-Stream, keeping our fingers crossed. 2021 record rainfall in the North East. Top of leach field no longer soggy, 95% dry and no odor at all! Very best purchase and great company to deal with.

– Steve W.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Skeptical at first , not now product is A++

Just wanted to provide a review after using the product for 1 year now.
I can honestly say I was a tad skeptical from the start. But, the proof is in the results.
We have a large home, 3500 sq ft, 3 1/2 baths
7 people, lots of baths, showers , laundry and dishwasher every day. It is an older sceptic system. Prior to installing aero stream I was draining the liquid wastes every 3-4 weeks as well as the solids every year.
The beds were basically Plugging up solid from grease, household chemicals, toilet paper etc. And with the usage could not keep up
Well I opened up the Caps to check on the system after 3 months and the rigorous air churning within the tanks And the liquid level being “normal” i closed it up And have not had an issue since.
I had a perceived problem with the unit becoming noisy. Contacted support and I had a response almost immediately with possible solutions. After trouble shooting and sending video It turned out that the noise was caused by vibration from how I had it set up.
I reworked it and now I basically do not even know It is on and it sits directly under our deck.
I had several follow up calls, emails from the
Support team making sure all was working and I was satisfied . They really do back up the words with actions, because they were ready to ship me a new unit without hesitation until I discovered what the problem was.
I bought the alarm for the system with the package. It went off twice and both times were
Due to extended power outages. Did exactly what it was supposed to. Trust me you never have to worry about not knowing if it is failing with this annoying alarm.
Just want to pass on good words and to those who are hesitant, don’t be. The estimate for my replacement beds in ontario canada were 23000
And if it were not for having a large property and being able to pump the liquids myself it would have been Another 300/ month. Not to mention even with a new sceptic bed it does not solve the issue of what goes down the drains to create the issue
R. Helmle

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Terrific experience over the years

We had an ancient and gigantic rock cesspool to service our 1908 house on 1/10th of an acre–a disaster waiting to happen. Yet the Aero-Stream aerator worked so well that for 6 years we had no issues. The guys who periodically pumped our tank marveled at the lack of sludge and odor. When the motor finally burned out after several years, Dave D who was our original contact at the company promptly sent out another at a reduced price as we sent back the old one to be refurbished. That one has continued to work 24/7. Great concept, execution and service, at super-reasonable prices, especially considering what would have been the alternatives.

– Andy K.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials


I just wanted to say how pleased I’ve been with my system. Its been 12 years working. The pump went out. I returned it for a free refurbishment. Turnaround time = less than a day. Every time I’ve contacted your personnel, they have been a pleasure to work with. They are knowledgeable and always helpful. One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks so much for your help.

-Kieth W.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

It works!!

Aero-Stream delivers on it’s promise to remediate our failing septic mound.

It took about 6 months for the results to become apparent, but the results did come which saved us from a much more costly and messy project of having to replace the mound.

The people at Aero-Stream were very good to work with and did what they said they’d do!!

– Doug W.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Your system is all and more then we had expected it to be

… When we first installed your system our leech field had been declared dead by the pumping service that we use. Since then the leech field runs well and the system is the least of our concerns today.
Thank you for a product that really works.

– B. Stough

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Unbelievable operation DO NOT WAIT TO GET ONE!!

I used to have to empty my septic tank every 4 months. After putting in this system I just had it pumped after 2 years (because I was afraid it would be bad). The guy that pumped it said it could have went another year or 2. Just on saving from pumping cost of 180 per the system has paid for itself 2 times over in 2 years. Unbelievable! Also my drain field is no longer wet or even damp! If you have a septic system get this and save even on a working septic tank. Can not thank you enough for this invention.

– Angelo S.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Aero Stream Really Works

Our Backyard had a lot of water above the surface of the distribution box. Also there was a constant bad odor in the back yard. We called a septic company and learned that our system had “failed”. Our septic tank had to be pumped constantly. We were told we had to redo the entire septic system and that it would cost $20,000 total. Desperate and searching for a way to fix our problem I found Aero Stream. I was skeptical but had to try something. The service over the phone was great. Very friendly and answered all my questions. I ordered the $1600 kit which was the biggest one. I figured it would work faster. So I hooked it up and hoped. Little by little we noticed the puddle that had been in the backyard begin to dissipate. Over the first 4 months it got better and better. It’s now been almost a year and our septic system is fixed. No puddle. No odor. Everything working! We can’t thank you enough. $1600 compared to $20,000 that we didn’t have. Anyone who is in the situation we were in I can tell you honestly that Aero Stream Works! Thanks Again!

– Brian F.

Aero-stream purchased

We purchased an aero-stream in June of 2013 because we had issues of water coming up to the surface because it was no longer draining through the leach bed. We were faced with the real possibility of having to have an entire new leach bed built costing in the 10’s of thousands of dollars. Fortunately I came across the aero-stream one night as I was doing some research on line and read all about what this little unit claimed that it would accomplish. The old saying that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is certainly did apply here. But at the same time faced with the reality of having to spend 10’s of thousands was not something I wanted to do either. Besides they were only asking 1500.00 Well it turned out to literally be one of the best purchases. Within 1 month the biomat that had formed which was preventing the water to drain properly through the leach had dissipated and we had no more water on the surface. The pump also ran 24/7 365 for 6years straight before it stopped. I called aero-stream they told me to ship it in our bring it in which is what I did and in about a week it was fixed and shipped back to me. We are up and running again. Awesome awesome product. Thank you aero-stream!!!

– Larry M.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

… It seemed too good to be true, but with three months or so of operations, there has not been an issue with my septic system since the day the unit was installed. …

– Mary A

This product fixed and restored my failed septic system

… Within 2 days of installing the aero-stream product, my septic tank level dropped almost 4 feet and the scum layer was completely gone. Yes, COMPLETELY GONE! AND SO WAS THE SMELL!!!! I have had no septic runoff since installing the unit in July …

– Brian Day

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

… What I found truly astonishing was the fact that within 5 days, the puddling was completely gone and that area is once again completely dry. I recently had my brother visit me here in Florida (he lives in upstate New York). He was amazed as well that the system functioned so admirably. He had never heard of anything like it …

– Rick

… We were told that we had to replace the septic system with a quote of 13,000.00. To my amazement just a month later we were dry and have not had any more problems …

– Deb S.

… After six months of operation, the surface “water” that was seeping from the farmhouse cesspool (installed in the early 1900’s) and the sewage odor has disappeared. The ground in the yard around the cesspool is dry (again) and is going to be landscaped next spring (2011) as a functional area. As I mentioned, the odor is completely gone, even when we remove the concrete lid to inspect the Aero-stream system and tank …

– Donald A. Dale

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Unbelievable savings!

I am on my 6th year with the system. When I thought I needed to replace my entire drain field and estimates ranged from $6000 to $15000 I had to try your product. Now 6 years later I have not had to drain my septic except for the first month after I installed it. I was doing it every two months and it was getting closer to every month. At $350 per month to drain at 72 months, I have saved over $24000 and it still just humming along in my yard. What an excellent product.

– Ken in Melbourne, Fl.
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Absolutely as advertised!

Dear sir,
I live in souther Massachusetts and I was quoted $40,000 for a new mound system. I tried this after a lot of research and I was truly amazed. In just a couple of weeks, my yard was totally dry and no more smell. I can’t say enough about the customer service and the the technical help. I can not thank you enough for all your help. With the money that I saved, I was able to use as an addition for my family. Thank you aero stream, and let’s get the word out and let everyone know about this great product and these awesome people!

– Brian G.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials… It is pretty easy to install (rent a hammer-drill, worth it) and I never noticed any change in the electric bill either (mine is on 24/7/365days). I figure I have saved at least $20K AWESOME PS …

– Vic
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

I saved a ton of money not installing a new septic system!

We had water coming out of our tank, we reduced the water load for a few weeks after we installed the unit. After 2 months we are back to normal with the water load and no water around tank at all. At this time we had a lot of rain as well and still dry. Thanks you Aero-Stream for saving us thousands of dollars!!!! Will recommend this to others!

– Sheldon McCarthy

I am a raving fan of Aero-Stream. The only advice I had from the experts was to replace my drain field. Well the experts were very wrong and the Aero-Stream product corrected my drain field issues and saved me thousands of dollars …

– Bruce

Great Product and Easy to Install

I ordered two risers for installation on our 25 year old concrete septic tank. Other than the digging, the installation was smooth and easy. The instructional video was very helpful and the two septic riser kits contained every I needed (except for a few hand tools) to install the risers. I’m done tearing up my yard every three years to have the septic tank pumped. This was a great purchase and I am very pleased.

– Joe F.

… My neighbor just spent thousands on a new septic system, not me. I tell everybody I know about Aero-Stream and how I saved a fortune …

– Jim

Great Customer Service!

I have been a use of the system since 2016. The system was installed in my septic tank when I decided to rent my house out during my job assignment abroad. I had three different tenant families lived in my house since 2016 without any issues. In March 2021 when I returned from overseas, I realized the system was not functioning due to expected mechanical failure after 4-5 years of operation. Then I shipped my aerostream back to the factory to get refurbished as I was instructed. The process was pretty quick and smooth. Make sure your system is functioning after 4-5 years of installation. If it is not, Aero-Stream will help you to refurbish your pump ASAP! …

– M. G.

Septic tank riser kit

I’m caretaker for a piece of property that has 3 log cabins on it. We needed to pump the tanks which were from 10″ deep to 23″ deep. I ordered 3 of the septic tank riser kits and installed them and back filled around them in about an hour each. They were well made, easy to install and when finished really look good. The best part is we never have to uncover the tanks again.

– John P.

The product solved my problem

I needed a solution that enabled me to gain access to my septic system. I wanted it to be simple, sturdy, and not unsightly in my yard. This product fits the bill entirely. It was easy to install and allows quick access to the tank when I need to have it cleaned out.

– Gahlen F.

unbelievable customer service!

purchased a generator 18 months ago. Nick at Aero-spa
is a tremendous help with setting it up and any of the cross border concerns i had being a resident of Canada. i fully recommend this product not only for the actual generator (which is fantastic and a great cost saver and better on my skin) but the overall experience and service is second to none.

– Brian L.

This is how it is done

On a recommendation from the septic service company, I looked up Aero-stream products to make the next clean-out a breeze. This was a 23” septic riser kit. Starting with an honest how-to installation video to ease my concerns of complicated processes all the way through online ordering and speedy shipping, getting the septic riser kit went perfectly. A prompt response in relation to a payment question solidified the idea that I chose well. Yes, $320-ish sounded a bit high at first. Price comparisons make the septic riser kit a no-brainer, because they truly do give you everything you need to do the job in one package. These things are sturdy and very well engineered, too, so the value is instantly recognizable. Actual installation went smoothly thanks to clear instructions and having all the pieces, including the beefy butyl rope and even the blue torx concrete set screws and the square head bit for the lid screws. My biggest concern in the whole process was dropping the drill, screws and self into the septic tank!

– Tim J.

Here is why I have to give Aero-Stream five stars: …. the service. Don has been fantastic! Checking my photos, Making corrections,and offering encouragement. In short, great customer service and a great product….

– Al Hoeckley

Great customer service and fast shipping

We wanted to install risers on our septic tank so maintenance would be easier. I spoke to Aerostream customer service and they answered all my questions. I placed my order @ 8am PST and it went out the same day. I ordered two full kits and they arrived without damage. Installation was a breeze. The only concern that I have is the lid screws into the plastic riser and over time will these wear out?

– Michael F.

Excellent Product and Description

Needed a riser solution for the regulator and outlet valve on a 1000 gal. buried propane tank, Worked excellent and provided the room I needed

– Bruce B.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Useful Product, Helpful Customer Service

At Aero-Stream I found a hard to find septic riser kit which has an adapter flange which will fit on my square septic tank openings. I chatted several times asking for help not only about their products, but concerning installing a Tee on my tank (it didn’t have one!). The service agent was extremely helpful. I ordered two riser kits. The directions were a little sparse, but clearer after watching the video. There were a couple minor differences between the video and directions, but nothing too important. When I encountered an installation question, even though it was Saturday and the support staff do not keep regular hours my question was forwarded to someone who called within the hour. The only suggestion I have for their product line is an option to purchase masonry bits for drilling into concrete tanks. I would recommend two since one may wear our if you hit too many rocks. I highly recommend!

– Laurie B.

Fantastic product and service.

The folks at Aero-Stream, especially Dave, really know what they’re talking about. This system really works as advertised. The service is outstanding either by phone or email. Any questions are answered promptly and the outcome is always the same-fantastic.

– George E.

Problem resolved

We have experienced septic system issues for many years. The system would pool water in the yard at the furthest chamber from the tank. The pooling seemed to occur more during rainy periods; however, there were times that pooling occurred during periods of drought. Water usage was the main contributing factor.

We were facing the prospect of placing a second chamber system in the yard so to rest the original system for several months or even years. Such a solution would cost over $10,000, not including the cost of ripping up and replacing the yard.

We began researching the idea of changing the original system to an aerobic system. We became convinced that our problem was primarily due to the issue of biomat building up over 20+ years.

We contacted the kind folks at Aero Stream and had several phone conversations with Dave and Nick even prior to purchasing their system. We have two 1,000 tanks thanks to the initial Perc Rite system that was originally installed, and they talked us through the process of installing their Pro Line Kit in our layout.

The system installation is as easy as advertised. We checked in with Dave and Nick throughout our installation process, and they were extremely helpful.

The system has been working great for three weeks now, and we believe our problem has been resolved. Within days there was no odor emitting from the system, and there is no more pooling. We additionally installed three 7″ Aero Stream risers on our tanks with again the help of Dave and Nick.

Aero Stream has provided a much cheaper and much better solution to our problem. We didn’t think we’d come up smelling so good! I highly recommend them.

– Jerry S.

… Thank you Karl and Areo-Stream for the product that works so amazingly and the complete backup garantee you offered us to try this amazing product, and the phone help and guidance for installation, made it a product we could install with ease …

– Linda and Lester Frilling

… I called AERO-STREAM and the first thing i noticed was that i was talking to a person not a computer,that scored points with me right away! not only did they answer all my questions but also gave me another number to call on weekends if i had any more …

– Daryl McCrea

… I can say for 100% certain that it has been the best customer service experience I have ever had. Dominick has been SO patient through LOTS of questions. I am very grateful for all the help and I would recommend Aero-Stream to anyone. It is definitely worth a try…money back guarantee!…

– Suzan Wood

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

I have been extremely impressed with this company and the product. From my initial pre-purchase research through post-purchase follow-up by them, it’s been refreshing to know this type of service still exists today …

– Richard Z.

Always Great

Products are always great quick delivery always takes the time to make sure what you need is what they send you kits are always complete. Customer service is unbelievably fast and good I had questions they told me to take pictures of what I had they figured out what exactly I needed and then they sent me pictures of what you would look like.

– Roger H.

Just as easy as they said

I bought the septic man hole and lid. What a great ideas. Right on the spot. Fit perfect. Durable. Save so the kids don’t fall in. Will last a lifetime.
Thanks guy.
– Matt
South Haven MI

Great product, great service!

In 2010 my drainfield was failing so I took a chance and purchased my aerostream system. I was skeptical but the positive reviews convinced me it was worth a try. I have a three tank system with infiltrators and in 6 months my system was again functioning as designed. Fast forward to 2011 and now my unit is in need of refurbishing. Within a week I am back in business and could not be happier with the quick turnaround.

– Ray V.

Wonderful old fashioned service.

First off, I did not purchase an aerator from this company, but rather a septic tank lid. My system is 75 years old, the old cement lid no longer fit the opening, and the opening is rectangular in shape. Besides hardware the kit basically has 3 pieces and a generous amount of high quality butyl rope. The adapter (flange) came in 4 pieces which needed to be fit together. No clue why they don’t use a single adapter which didn’t require any preliminary work. My tank is old and the concrete top is pretty ragged. It would have bee optimal to use concrete patch to achieve a level surface prior to mounting the adapter (flange). The butyl compensated for this problem to a considerable extent., but not perfectly, so the seal is certainly not water tight. The riser and riser cover are very solid, the flange a bit less so. But the main take away is that these are great guys to work with, honest friendly, helpful, trustworthy. Honestly cannot recall a better consumer experience. These guys know their stuff, and are most helpful.

– James S. , CA

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Very happy with the AeroStream

I bought this product because my distribution box was backed up to the top of the inlet pipe and I was getting very soggy green grass. I placed this in the distribution box and within 9 days the level in the box had fallen several inches below the inlet pipe. It has now been over a year, and the level in the box is now 3 feet below the inlet pipe. We have dry grass and I don’t need to replace my septic system. This isn’t a gimmick product, it works because it is the same science that waste water treatment plants use and modern high tech systems use. And I sent the company two questions in the last year and they responded back promptly with detailed answers, so great customer service!

– Bob, MA

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Great product, saves money, makes sense

For about 7 years I had a wet yard. Even in the winter it would be a wet mess. I searched long and hard for a miracle solution, and there were plenty of them advertised, but I was very skeptical. After much research I decided the Aero-Stream system made the most sense. I agonized for months, asked millions of questions, and finally decided to try an Aero-Stream Pro, reconditioned to save money. I made three easy payments, installed the system with ease, and everything worked BETTER than promised. I still ask millions of questions, and I enjoy monitoring my septic system way too much and my family is tired of hearing about it. My yard is totally dry and firm, and my septic tank has almost no smell. It is supposed to smell like soil if the system is working, and it does smell like soil, but it really doesn’t have much of an odor at all. The pump is quiet and easy to hide under my deck. I started the pump in April and it the yard has been perfect ever since and it’s now December. I believe this system is incredibly well thought out, and all of the principles seem logical to me, and I truly believe it will solve my problems now and in the future. I’m pretty sure I will never dig up my leeching field to ascertain if the system is really rejuvenating the soil below, and that is okay with me because from the surface, and from looking in the tank and the D-box, I can see the results promised are happening. My effluent is really clear, my tank doesn’t have any odor, and the effluent in the D-box goes up and down throughout the day. By any measure this system is working. Thank you Aero-Stream for giving me my yard back, for giving me a working septic system, for giving me peace of mind, and oddly enough, for letting me feel good about treating my waste in the tank and not polluting my little bit of the Earth.

– Mark Connolly
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Pleased beyond expectations

We were skeptical, but after getting quotes for a new septic system in the $8-10,000 range, we thought it was worth a try, especially with the full satisfaction warranty.
It has performed as promised, foul order disappeared within 24 hours, tank level went down to normal range within in a week, already paid for itself by cutting out the bi-weekly pumping we were having to do.

– David, NM
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

We bought Aero-Stream in June of 2010. Our septic system unofficially failed an inspection. The official inspection had to be completed by the end of 2011. We did quite a bit of research, found the Aero-Stream website, looked at several research articles, and with bated breath and some trepidation, bought the system. Yesterday, they officially inspected our previously failed septic system. IT PASSED! Wow. What a major relief. This is a wonderful product, which has turned around a failed septic system. The support was topnotch and has continued, when our brushes recently developed some problems (outside of the warranty time, I believe). Aero-Stream’s product works. It has saved us thousands of dollars, for which we are extremely grateful.

– Donna

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Fantastic Product

The Aero-Stream saved me so much money. The installation is super easy and, within a week, my yard was completely dry. When I was told it could be $20,000 to repair my field lines, I cried for a week
I found this company by pure faith. Due to my anxiety, I had to call numerous times…4 times in one day. Dave was so kind and patient. I can’t say enough about their outstanding customer service.
If all companies were this caring about their customers, the world would be a much better place.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the Aero-Stream and saving me thousands of dollars.

– Kathy M.
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Rejuvenated bio-mat in drain field with Aner-robic converion

Christmas 2010 Family home and septic backs up. Built house in 1963 so septic is 47 years old. Pump septic, backs up again in July 2011. Both inlet and outlet pipes in septic on bottom of tank. Distribution box lid for drain field is collapsed. All drain lines appear plugged. Had septic pumper push suction line as far into each drain line as possible. He thought they opened up enough to be serviceable. rebuilt the distribution box with new lid. Reattached the inlet and outlet lines in septic tank. Purchased Aero-Stream conversion kit. Installed and started pump. No problem until July of this year when air pump ceased to pump air. Sent pump back to Aero-stream received back a week later and all is well again. See pictures in separate email of distribution box and septic tank inside.

– James C.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Works perfectly

It has been approximately 1 year since original 2019 install. I wanted to wait 1 year prior to providing a review. Our issue began with gray water showing up near the low side of the drainfield. We first had a septic company come out and jet our drainfield (per their recommendation) at a cost of a couple of thousand dollars. We were told that that would correct our issue for at least 10 years. Within just a month or two the grey water showed back up in a new spot. After calling them, we were left with the prospect of complete replacement at a cost of $30K or so. Figuring I had nothing to lose I installed Areo-stream. I can say without a doubt, your system works. Install was relatively easy. Since install the wet area immediately showed signs of remediation and was soon dry. We have had no issues whatsoever since. We are in the NW and have had record rainfall over the past month. Still no issues. We have a viewport to the drainfield and the water level remains exactly where it should be. Thank you for your product and thank you for saving us the headache of complete replacement.

– Eli D.

Exactly As Promised

Rarely does a product promise so meet advertiser claims. I was looking at a drain field replacement nightmare with the stricter EPA guidelines. I knew my field was clogged and was discharging at the end. Within days the smelly discharge was almost odorless. Now after a few months the discharge has stopped and I can only assume the effluent is being properly adsorbed over the length of my like new drain field.

– John M.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Great product, Astonishing results, Exceptional service

In 2011 my septic system began to fail; smelly puddles in the lawn above leaching chambers. Learned about Aero-Stream online and made the purchase. So glad I did!! Saved me thousands from replacing the entire system. Had to get an outdoor electrical outlet installed near our tank, but overall installation was really quite simple. Puddles were gone in a couple of months. Not one problem since. We live out in the country and I highly value complete silence. Was worried pump motor would break that silence, but no – you can hardly hear it. Customer service is outstanding. Dave explains things in a very common sense way. Thank

– Van W.
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Areo-Stream saved our septic field

Areo-Stream has a wonderful product
We were at our last rope looking at a $30.000
dollar replacement cost for a new septic field.
Our field was almost gone. We had 3 large septic pond’s in the yard and we’re growing bigger by the day. We looked for help and found Areo-Stream. Our local septic company tried to talk us out of purchase and told us it wouldn’t work. Wow was he wrong! We purchased the right unit from Areo-Stream after talking with there tech support. We installed the unit which was very easy to do.
And we waited for the magic to happen.
Yes it took some time as the tech support
said it would and before long the septic water
pooling start to shrink the smell of septic in the air was gone within the week. Today the yard is dry the grass has grown back and you would never have known there was a septic field problem. The local septic company field rep came by to see this magical event and he was speechless. Words cannot express how
happy we are for Areo-Stream. They checked in with us to see how the process was going.
I highly recommend this company. If you are thinking about it just do it you will be amazed
Great support is a phone call away..
Very happy in Mission BC Canada

– Kirk C.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Was told by the pumper (who’s brother has a Septic installation business) that the system was “beyond recovery” and needed a new field to the tune of “Oh, around $18,000”. Don’t remember how I found out about AeroStream but figured anything was worth a try. Installed the unit in late March 09. No more pumping, no more spongy backyard, no more worries. A friend of ours, at our recommendation, installed a unit in his “failed” septic system. He’s also singing it’s praises.

– Wayne-W.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and TestimonialsWe were told by the septic guy that we needed new leech lines because they were failing. The price was to be $4,000-$7,000 depending on whether we needed pipe and gravel or an aerobic system (the state decides) … Now we do 5 loads of laundry some days and everyone (there are six in our family) takes showers without limits. We have had no more backups and never worry about dumping too much water in the tank. Thank you for such a great product that saved us soooo much money! …

– Becky S.
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and TestimonialsTwo years ago I noticed the area at the end of my leachfield had become increasingly wet and would not dry. I contacted both my septic company (who recommended pumping every year) and a licensed Title V inspector (who recommended installing a new leachfield ). Upon some personal investigation I came across Aero-Stream. I decided to install the un it and have been extremely happy with the decision. After apx. 3 months I noticed the grass becoming drier and after 6 months was completely dry … Thank you for a great product.

– John
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Great product

Great product and I highly recommend it .

– Bill H.

What a relief! My failing septic system works like new again!

Fixed my drainfield that was totally clogged

Drainfield bio mat would not allow any water to seep into ground. This product had my drainfield performing again in less than a week and saved me thousands.

– Jonathan T.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

6 months Later and my mound is bone dry!

Everyone that came told us we needed a new septic mound. Did some research and found Aero-stream…I am so glad I did. The mound was wet smelled like sewage and the grass was extra long and dark grass is curtain areas of the mound from the sewage fertilizer it. 6 months later, no super green growth spots, no wet spots and most of all no smell. Even after 2 weeks of rain the mound was super dry! A true money saver!

– Evvon G.
5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Great Product

After digging out my septic tank cover for a pump out, I vowed not to do it again. Reviewed online several products and selected Aero-Stream as I was able to get an exact (16″) one piece riser section. The pricing was about the same as the others. Ordered on a Sunday and delivered on Thursday afternoon. The instructions were clear, and I was able to do the install in an hour after delivery, including backfill and seeding.
Had a follow up email from Mr. Dlobik after sending Aero-Stream a picture of the finished product. All went well. Would highly recommend.

– Bob G.

The aerostream technique has relieved an enormous amount of stress off me and my family. After two years of flushing bacteria down the drains I was fresh right out of all hope and was very skeptical about trying aerostream. I’m anxious to find others that might need some relief. Hats off to your team!!!

– Customer Lobby Reviewer

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

My aero stream system was installed in mid April 2008. My system was running slowly threatening to back up into the house. (It had backed up during hurricane Ivan and again a few months after that). My septic pumper jetted the main line to my leech bed and installed the aero stream pump. I haven’t had a problem since. I am extremely happy with this solution. No mess, no stress, I haven’t noticed any change in my electric bill, & it seems very eco-friendly. The best part is no worries about a backup! After 3 years living on the edge, it’s a great relief.

– Barb

Excellent service, works as advertised

We live in a low area and after rains in the spring the toilet nearest the septic tank wouldn’t flush properly, evidently a common problem in our neighborhood. Had the tank pumped and was told leech field was probably plugged. Several plumbing companies offered different solutions costing several thousand dollars. Found the aero stream site, and it seemed their product was exactly what we needed. I searched extensively for reviews and couldn’t find any negative ones, so decided to try the product. Installed about a month ago. Installation is simple if have basic skills and tools. Also installed a riser so I don’t have to dig everything up again. Again, simple with basic skills and tools. ( side note: I ordered the wrong height of riser. Called and they sent the new part immediately while I returned the other. Excellent customer service.) Smell was never bad and was gone the next morning. Since, then toilets are flushing properly unless we have a heavy rain ( 4 to 6 inches) but that only lasts for a short time so the situation does seem to be improving. I have a lateral line clean out where I can still see water standing so levels are still higher than optimal. However, it hasn’t been that long since it was installed and I we are hopeful over time it will continue to improve. It already seems better than it was.
Thank you for a well made product and excellent service.

– Steve T.

Outstanding Product and Service.

Believe these reviews, believe in Aero streams Engineers, they guided me from beginning to complete satisfaction beyond my expectations! For 30 years I followed my septic company’s preventative maintenance program only to experience complete drain field failure then listened and paid for the next three remedies they suggested, Lateral pipes jetted, camera inspections, lateral pipes vacuumed, more failure, Happily I refused their $10,000 drain field replacement and installed Aero Stream, This review is one year after my install, reporting 100% recovery,
I sincerely Thank Dave Dlobik’s advice through this process.

– John M.

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

The aerostream technique has relieved an enormous amount of stress off me and my family. After two years of flushing bacteria down the drains I was fresh right out of all hope and was very skeptical about trying aerostream. I’m anxious to find others that might need some relief. Hats off to your team!!!

– Customer Lobby Reviewer

… The ponding on our septic field is drying and diminishing in size. We are now able to do all our laundry at home, which is a tremendous a relief. I was very doubtful about how this product would help us, and apparently it is working just like the claims in the Aero-Stream literature . This is a great product, and I highly recommend it to anyone having septic problems …

– Eric

5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials5-Star Septic System Installation Reviews and Testimonials

Good job Aero-Stream developers, you saved me a lot of heartache and money!

– James

Easy to install

Everyone who came out only wanted to replace my drain field. I installed the system in about 1.5 hrs. It was very easy to install.

– Keith

Septic System Puddling All Gone within 68 Days

I took a lot of time to investigate Aerostresm before I purchased the Remediator product for my home. Within a month our septic puddle started getting smaller. After 68 days the ground dried and we no longer have puddles. The little machine just sits and purrs. The septic tank no longer has a bad odor and I no longer have to worry about anyone accidently stepping into a wet mess. I did a lot of reading before I bought but this, compared to new laterals or complete system is a bargain! I bought it based on the return policy so I had nothing to lose if it didn’t work. So glad I made the move!!!

– Roger R.

… The unit arrived on Monday, but we installed it on a Wednesday evening, The install was easy. We dug out around the pipe above the pump chamber, removed the cover, determined the depth of the bottom of the tank, adjusted the floats, attached the bio-brush, drilled the hole, inserted the hose, attached hose to remediator, plugged it in …

– Customer Lobby Reviewer

… I made sure to get the tank pumped out a week prior to installation so that everything would be ready. The unit was installed with no trouble even though I felt a little funny installing the bio-brush. It looked a lot like a Hawaiian skirt but if it does the job, it doesn’t matter what it looks like. After 5 days of running the Aero-Stream System, I opened up the septic tank lid and was very impressed because there was absolutely no odor. Within 6 weeks my field is doing better…This product worked for me. I noticed a difference in just a few weeks time and slowly (five months later) my field is working normally.

– Pete

… My order was sent me in record time and the installation guide allowed me, as a non-tech, to install the product in about an hour …

– John