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What a relief! My failing septic system works like new again …

… I hated to pay for a septic pump in the past, because in 10 days to 2 weeks, the same problems always returned. Always. Not this time! AeroStream oxygenator seems to be doing it’s advertised duty of reversing the bad sludge buildup with happy aerobic bacteria that is returning my septic system, a 17 year nightmare, into a fully functional system …

– Reviewer

… We bought our home in 2000 and had an inspection done on the septic system. The 500 gallon tank was in need of replacement and we were told that the leach field was in “poor condition”. We had a 1250 gal tank installed and hoped for the best with the leach field. In 20 07 we started having problems with drainage and when it rained the area over the leach field would take forever to dry out. It was evedent that we were going to have to do something but did not have the funds to replace the leach field … We purchased the unit April 2008 … I just had a septic guy here to do a pump out and he said that I have nothing to worry about with my leach field everything is in great working order!

– Reviewer

I would like to explain the problem with the septic system at my house and how your Aero-Stream product greatly reduced our problems. Our system is about 35 years old, we started having problems of standing water in our drain field about 8 years ago. In times of heavy rain, the drain field would fill with water and drain back into the septic tank , which would fill and flow back into the basement. We needed to be very conservative in our water usage, but still could get backups during spring, and during major rainfalls. There was always water standing in drain field, I could measure it through the vent pipes. We have very heavy clay soil. We also have a small lot, we do not have an location where we could install a replacement drain field. The only recommended solution was a holding tank; this was not an acceptable alternative for a 4 bedroom, fully occupied home. I installed the Aero-Stream product last winter, and before spring it already eliminated the standing water in the drain field. We had several very heavy rains last spring, but the drain field continued to take everything our house and the clouds put into it. It has been nothing short of a miracle for us, we have gone from watching the weather radar and fearing every heavy rainfall to being virtually carefree. We have every started taking more baths again, we had cut back to only showers, to reduce water usage.

– Shambo

My system is operating so well now and the wet spots above ground are gone. My back yard is sanitary again and i’m not ashamed to have back yard party’s again. I got my life back at home and more important peace of mind.

– Mike

… This system actually works. Our septic issues showed up in the fall so I was able to see the grass turn brown. About 4 weeks into the program, our grass started to grow and turn green again, right where all the fingers were! I could not see the outline a week prior. True evidence that the septic system is returning to normal!!! It felt like a big weight had been lifted off of me. Now, I tell all my neighbors about my adventure and the Aero-Stream Company.

– Tim

… I installed the system about June 1,09 and already the tank is back to normal levels, even after the incredibly wet month of June AND having 40+ people over for the 4th July celebration on the Lake the system is fine. I just can’t believe how well this product WORKS! I’m not a religious person, but this, to me, is close to a miracle. I have never been more relieved in my life …

– Kevin

… It took awhile and a couple of visits from the Roto-Rooter people to realize that my septic system was failing. When we got a quote on a new septic system, my wife almost went into toxic shock! Since our house is on a hill, they said that the system had to go about 150 feet down the hill to the only flat area on our property in the front yard. Not only would the system run 10’s of thousands of dollars, but a lot of the landscaping (flowers, bushes, trees, grass) that we had done over the past five years would have been destroyed…including a birch grove that we had planted. Your system saved the day! It took about a year until the system cleared and started to recede. Prior to that, I had to drain the system twice. Then it seemed to reach a certain level of about 3/4 of the way up and stayed there for a couple of months. Now is has gone down to about half way. You not only saved us thousands of dollars with the Aero-Stream system, but you also saved my wife’s sanity! THANK YOU,

– David