Septic System Chemical Additives

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Chemicals & Additives Are Not Always the Best Answer!

    • Discover that chemical and bacterial additives companies that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a never ending treatment regimen are TEMPORARY solutions and, in the long term, cause more harm than good.
    • Learn how Aero-Stream® provides a PERMANENT solution to your septic system problems.
    • Gain a better understanding about your septic system and how it works.
  • Discover why some governments have BANNED or limited the use of septic system chemicals and additives. (details)

Septic Tank Additives

Consider These FactsSystem ReplacementAero-Stream®
System Cost$8-$40,000+less than $1700
Life expectancy (details)5 to 20 yearswill extend life of current system
Easy Money Back Guarantee
Eliminates septic system odor
Cleaner effluent (details)
Easy Installation Process
Requires excavation
Requires landscaping
No chemicals
Eliminates frequent pumping

Compare Aero-Stream® vs. Chemicals & Additives

Aero-Stream® Pro Line™ Aero-Stream® Remediator® Bio Company #1 Bio Company #2
Price $1,497 $1,097 $1269 1 $957-$4368 1
Process Guarantee 1 year 1 year “Reasonable length of time”? 30 Days
Diffuser Area 77 Sq. In. 59 Sq. In. N/A N/A
Bubble Size Fine Fine N/A N/A
Diffuser Location >12″ from Btm >12″ from Btm N/A N/A
Install Time 1/2 hr-1 hr 1/2 hr-1 hr 3 1/2 hr 5 3 1/2 hr 5
Shipping Free Free Free $220
Years Experience 10th Year 6 10th Year 6 4th Year 6 10th Year 6
Units installed Thousands Thousands ? ?
Third Party Data Yes Yes No 7 No 7

(1) 3 year application (never ending cost)

(2) No written Guarantee

(3) Does not allow solids to settle in tank sending them into the Drainfield

(4) Requires 8″ – 12″ opening (may have to cut a large hole in the tank jeopardizing the structural integrity of the tank)

(5) Based on 5 minutes per month for regular treatments and 1/2 hour for initial treatment

(6) Per

(7) Additives are not recommended by State or County Health Departments and banned in some countries.