Caring for Your Wastewater Management System in the Summer

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With summer fun in full swing, it may be easy to forget about the septic system. Relaxing by the pool, vacations, barbecues and parties take precedence. However, if you enjoy entertaining with backyard barbecues, graduation parties and frequent family and guest visits, then take a moment early in the season to plan ahead and keep the septic system from causing an unpleasant problem.

All of this summer activity uses more water due to increased usage of the toilets, showers, washing machine and dishwasher, and this can overload a treatment system leading to a tank overflow or saturated leach field. Follow these easy steps now to prevent this from happening.

Pump your Septic Tank

Verify the last service date, and if it has been a year or more, schedule a septic service visit prior to having large groups of guests and parties. Another option is to rent a portable restroom depending upon the type of event to avoid a system backup.

Educate your Visitors and Guests

Many people may not know the basics of a septic system and might flush materials down the toilet that are inappropriate. With a little humor, leave some instructions in the bathroom. You might try posting a sign that says:

“The owners of this home with septic tanks offer you this word of thanks for flushing nothing down the pot that may never decompose or rot.

Cigarettes are no-no. Facial tissue too. Feminine hygiene is the ultimate taboo.

Thank you for the cooperation. This keeps our home in smooth operation.”

Identify the Location of the Septic Tank and Leach Field

Never allow guests to park cars over the system. The weight may cause damage to the tank and pipes, which can be quite expensive to replace or repair.

Double check the irrigation system near or within the septic field and prevent overwatering that can cause poor drainage of the absorption area.

Summer fun may be short-lived, but employing some common sense and preventative maintenance will help ensure a healthy, long lasting treatment system.

Moreover, many states and municipalities have updated health codes, and having a continuously failing treatment system may be in violation of these codes. Repair and remediation may be expensive if you are forced to upgrade the entire system to meet the codes.

Keep your septic system running well, and in the long term, it will keep your property, home and environment healthy and happy for years to come.


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